Open Drawing Studio

#1 - Spooky Horror Drawing Show

Led by Steph Kudisch

Leave behind the void of zoom doom and walk through a portal into our online drawing studio! The ability to draw a figure that moves in 3 of the earthly dimensions is essential while honing your drawing skills. All of the slight movements that models may make add layers of depth perception, character and gravity that cannot be perceived in the same way when drawing from photographs. Train your hand-eye coordination while being immersed in a meditative, spooky and fun drawing practice! In this first session we cover some life drawing basics: essential tools, gesture drawing, and techniques for checking proportion.


#2 - Exploring Figure Drawing with a Range of Media

Led by Tom Colcord

For this episode of SFAI’s (in collaboration with City Studio) Virtual Open Drawing Studio, Tom Colcord will demonstrate various media that he likes to sketch with. With help from the model Amayi Morales, several dramatic poses will be the source of inspiration. Tom will talk about all the different media he is using while giving tips on drawing from the model.


#3 - Drawing Activism

Led by Chris Treggiari

2020 has seen civic activism take a prominent role in response to injustice and systemic inequality in the U.S. For this figure drawing session we will focus on the different tactics and expressions used to stand up against this inequity. The different poses used in this session will recreate activism tactics from groups like Black Lives Matters to immigrant rights movements, highlighting the importance of these movements and the ongoing fight heading into 2021. See Sanctuary City, Collective Action Studio, and the artist/activist Alicia Cruz. More about Alicia’s most recent local protest here.


Open Drawing Studio has been a free art resource in the Bay Area since the 1950s. 

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Join City Studio lead artists as they create innovative content for these non-synchronous, all-ages, and free drawing sessions!

Building on SFAI’s history of offering free live model sessions on Friday afternoons since the 1950s, new drawing sessions will be uploaded each week to a custom platform to give both beginners and advanced drawers exciting and engaging opportunities to explore drawing techniques and conceptual modes of artmaking. These sessions will feature models of all ages and themes such as: Halloween, Black Joy, and an Exploration of Drawing Materials. This interactive online format allows participants to revisit the episodes again and again, creating a truly versatile and lasting tool for drawing the live model.