Based on results of the Writing Placement Exam (WPE), administered at new-student orientation, and any transfer or AP credit, students are required to successfully complete the English Requirement. Students will be notified by letter of their writing course placement, which will override any previous registration. Students may need to add or drop courses based on their WPE score as specified in the placement letter. All placements are final.

ENGL-90 English Language Support for Artists

Designed to support English as a second language (ESL) speakers in their studies at SFAI, this course focuses on academic reading and writing, grammar, and vocabulary development.

ENGL-95 Seeing and Writing

Reading and composition course focused on building a foundation in analytical thinking and writing. ESL students who need further work will also get assistance with English grammar. To be followed by ENGL-100. 

ENGL-100 English Composition A (Investigation and Writing)

Taken during the First-Year Program

ENGL-101 English Composition B (Nonfiction Writing)

Taken during the First-Year Program

ENGL-101 students who do not pass the Writing Portfolio may not enroll in Humanities or Critical Theory A and B (CS-300 and CS-301) courses.