Video Art

Tessa Siddle
Monday–Thursday, June 15- July 10

9:30am-12:30pm | Studio 8

No prerequisite. A personal video camera is helpful, but not necessary.

Make video-based art as you learn about a wide range of methods and styles, such as; documentary, performance, and experimental video. In-class demonstrations will focus on shooting with specialized cameras, capturing sound on microphones, using green-screen technology, and editing using software such as Adobe Premiere. Lectures, discussions, and screenings of historical and contemporary video-artists will inspire and ground your practice. Students enrolled in this course are expected to work both independently and collaboratively to define their own projects. The class will conclude with a presentation of your video through a screening, installation, and/or performance.

“I loved how there was so much to work with and there was so much equipment and help that we had access to.”


Tessa Siddle is a cross-disciplinary artist and curator whose work in video, film, installation, and performance focuses on themes of gender, sexuality, hybridity, mythology, magic, and the interplay between physical and digital worlds. They are the co-curator of the Artists’ Television Access Window Gallery, a co-curator of the GAZE Screening Series, and a co-founder of Almost-Public/Semi-Exposed - an annual showcase of installed performance.

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