Expanded Line Drawing

Katie Curry
Monday–Thursday, June 15–July 10

1:30–4:30 pm | Studio 13

Develop observational abilities and technical skills that are the foundational elements of drawing. The goal is to give you the necessary tools to understand how you see and perceive visual information in the world, and how to translate these experiences onto a two-dimensional format. While upholding traditional drawing methods, this class also looks to drawing as an experimental process and as a gateway to explore broader thematic and conceptual frameworks. During this course, there will be several extended drawing projects that provide opportunities for you to further investigate your creative responses to material, scale, and subject matter.

Models in this class are nude.

Katie Curry lives and works in San Francisco as both an artist and educator. She received her BFA in studio art from Westmont College in Santa Barbara and graduated with her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2019. Katie's work explores the liminal space that exists between the traditions of painting, drawing and sculpture.