Todd Hosfelt


Todd Hosfelt shapes culture by establishing relationships between artworks or concepts or people.  He founded Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco in 1996 with the belief that art is transformative -- with the power to change audiences’ world-view.  In the past twenty years, he has curated more than 250 exhibitions in a program that brings a refined aesthetic vision to an investigation of cultural, social and intellectual history.  His gallery represents internationally recognized artists such as Rina Banerjee, Jim Campbell, Jay DeFeo, Tim Hawkinson, Stefan Kürten, Marco Maggi, Patricia Piccinini, Liliana Porter, Alan Rath, Andrew Schoultz and William T. Wiley.

In addition to the San Francisco space, Hosfelt operated a large gallery in New York’s Chelsea district from 2006 to 2012.  In 2012, he consolidated the program in San Francisco’s largest commercial gallery space, the first to be located in what is now called the DoReMi arts district.  In 2015 he founded a Digital Media Conservation Lab to preserve the aesthetic and conceptual integrity of artworks that use technological media.

Born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1963, he earned a B.A. in literature, history and political science from Iowa State University and a law degree from The University of Iowa.  He practiced law (and began collecting) before working in the arts.

Hosfelt lives with his husband, Louis Schump, and their daughter Helen in San Francisco and Lake County, California.  He is an organic walnut farmer, runner, yoga practitioner, passionate gardener, insatiable reader and decent cook.  He writes about art, design, books, gardening, food and film on his blog –