Thor R. Anderson

Senior Lecturer
Liberal Arts and MA Faculty

A cultural anthropologist by training, Anderson has worked in northern Spain, Mesoamerica, and the inner city of San Francisco. Topics of teaching and research range from ritual and religion of the contemporary Maya to ethnographic media, homelessness, and the multiple uses of urban spaces. He is currently working on a study of domestic architecture in highland Chiapas and its influence on classic Maya iconography, reflecting an on-going fascination with in the interface between art and everyday life. Anderson is also collaborating on anthropological analyses of popular, animated feature films.


  • PhD, Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
  • AB, Anthropology, Harvard College

Selected Publications: 

  • “Ratatouille: An Animated Account of Cooking, Taste, and Human Evolution” (with Stanley Brandes) Ethos: The Journal of Anthropology(in press)
  • Zapatistas: On the Edge of Revolution (with Glenn Shepard, 50 min. film), 1996
  • Sacred Games: Ritual Warfare in a Maya Village (60 min. film), 1988
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