Blue Poles, 2007, by 2008 Clive fellow Marilyn Minter. Enamel on metal, 60x72 inches. Courtesy of Salon 94, New York. 

winifred johnson clive foundation distinguished visiting fellowship for Interdisciplinary painting practices

Established in the fall of 2007, the Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation Distinguished Visiting Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Painting Practices is envisioned to provide SFAI’s students with direct and extended access to artists whose work has profoundly impacted the contemporary global art world and whose contributions to art practice and theory represent the highest level of achievement and the promise of continued excellence.

Each semester, three artists are invited to SFAI for a short-term residency, during which they participate in graduate seminars in the painting department, conduct one-on-one critiques with graduate students, lead colloquia with SFAI students and faculty, and present public lectures. The fellowships are structured as sustained on-campus residencies so as to deepen each artist’s impact, providing SFAI’s students with extensive interaction with the fellows and facilitating discussions of process, aesthetics, cultural influences, and career paths.

A further benefit of the fellowships—part of SFAI’s continued commitment as one of San Francisco’s foremost cultural centers—is that they give the wider Bay Area public free and open access to an international array of eminent and influential figures on the current global art scene.

The Distinguished Visiting Fellowships in Painting Practices are funded by the Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation.

Fellowship Recipients:

Mickalene Thomas, Fall 2013
Keltie Ferris, Fall 2013
Brad Kahlhamer, Fall 2013
Linda Besemer, Spring 2013
Chris Johanson, Spring 2013
Trenton Doyle Hancock, Spring 2013
Paul Sietsema, Fall 2012
Sue Williams, Fall 2012
R.H. Quaytman, Spring 2012
Jim Isermann, Spring 2012
Thomas Eggerer, Spring 2012
Yun-Fei Ji, Fall 2011
Monique Prieto, Fall 2011
Nicole Eisenman, Fall 2011
Nalini Malani, Spring 2011
Elliott Hundley, Spring 2011
Gottfried Helnwein, Spring 2011
Jim Shaw, Fall 2010
Lisa Sanditz, Fall 2010
Wangechi Mutu, Fall 2010
Jeremy Gilbert Rolfe, Spring 2010
Julie Heffernan, Spring 2010
Loren Holland, Spring 2010
Lisa Yuskavage, Fall 2009
Fred Tomaselli, Fall 2009
Alexander Ross, Fall 2009
Laura Owens, Spring 2009
Fabian Marcaccio, Spring 2009
Peter Saul, Spring 2009
Marilyn Minter, Fall 2008
Chris Ofili, Fall 2008
Kurt Kauper, Fall 2008
David Reed, Spring 2008
Lari Pittman, Spring 2008
Michelle Grabner, Spring 2008
Julie Mehretu, Fall 2007
Amy Sillman, Fall 2007
Kerry James Marshall, Fall 2007