undergrad reading project

Welcome to SFAI! To new students who are registered in Global Art History (HTCA-100-01):

Assignment: Summer Reading Project
Due: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Please read E. H. Gombrich’s “On Art and Artists,” enclosed with the SFAI Roadmap that you will receive in the mail in late June. At its heart, and much like your Making Project, this essay asks you to look at art/the world around you, not just carefully, or in the terms of what you like or identify with—but curiously. It suggests that the study of art history and visual studies demands a fresh and “curious eye,” and not necessarily a “good eye” (to borrow a distinction developed by the art historian Irit Rogoff). A curious eye is eager to know, as much as it is perhaps “a bit odd” and willing to go to strange places, or to look at familiar places strangely.

On the first day of Global Art History, we will talk about how we might apply Gombrich’s suggestions. Bring questions you might have about the essay to class and we will work together to answer them.

If you have any questions, contact faculty member Nicole Archer at narcher@sfai.edu.