undergrad making project

Welcome to SFAI! To new students who are registered in Contemporary Practice (CP-100):

We have developed a short project for you to work on in advance of your arrival. It is meant to acquaint you with the kind of critical thinking, looking, and making that you’ll be doing as a student here. This project will be discussed in the first session of Contemporary Practice.

Assignment: Summer Making Project
Due: Monday, August 26, 2013

Part of getting ready for your SFAI experience is thinking about the changes that will come as you leave your current home for a new location. Your experience at SFAI will undoubtedly be a “remix,” made up of familiar parts of your previous home life and new experiences in this creative community. We ask that you use this idea of the remix to develop a project that incorporates an aspect of your current home life into the upcoming changes as you imagine them. Please use at least two media from the following options: paint, sculpture, film, photographs, capture sound, performance, etc.

Be prepared to share your project on the first day of Contemporary Practice. When presenting your work to the class, we will start the discussion with the following questions about the choices you have made:

  •  What media did you use, and why?
  •  What is the content/idea of the work?
  •  What is your interpretation of “home”?

If you have any questions about the project, contact faculty member Paul Klein at paulklein@sfai.edu.