transfer credit guidelines

This information is provided as a guide when applying transfer credit to the SFAI curriculum.

Maximum of 60 units accepted in transfer

  • 36 units in Art History and Liberal Arts
  • 12 units in Major
  • 24 units in Elective (9 units may be General electives relevant to the degree)    

Advanced Placement Exam Credit

  • Minimum score of 3 for academic subjects
  • Minimum score of 4 for studio subjects

Non-Transferable credits:

  • No courses graded C- or below
  • No physical education classes
  • No credit for professional or “life” experience.
  • No remedial courses
  • No ESL credit
  • No conversational foreign language classes
  • No academic credits from U.S. colleges without regional accreditation

Transfer Credit for Second-degree Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate degree applicants with a previous undergraduate (baccalaureate) degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university are eligible to transfer up to 90 units of credit towards their SFAI degree. With the approval of the Registrar and the Dean of Academic Affairs, the office of Admissions will accept up to 30 units of Liberal Arts credit, 12 units in Art History, 12 units in the Major, and 36 units in Elective Studio. Contemporary Art History and Critical Theory B are residency requirements and nontransferable.

The Off-Campus Study Requirement will also be waived for Second-degree Undergraduate students.

Other Information

Visit Course Schedules to view the current and past course schedules.

We encourage you to contact an Admissions Counselor, who can answer your questions about SFAI, including transfer credit guidelines, arranging campus visits, and how the application process works.

Converting Quarter Units

Quarter Units Semester Units
1 2/3
2 1 1/3
3 2
4 2 2/3
5 3 1/3
6 4
7 4 2/3
8 5 1/3

Most 4 quarter unit courses will be accepted as equal to 3 semester units.