studies in global cultures

Developing an understanding of diverse cultures and ways of being is crucial for contemporary artistic development and meaningful civic participation, especially considering profound transformations occurring through processes of globalization. The Studies in Global Cultures requirement ensures that students learn about human experiences beyond a dominant Western perspective, and includes courses that focus on gender and sexual orientation, in addition to diverse cultures, ethnicities, and religions.  This liberal arts requirement may be fulfilled through a wide range of courses in the studio fields, as well as in art history, the social sciences, and humanities.

Sample course offerings in studio areas include:

  • PH – Sacred and Profane
  • PH – Post-Photography: Hybrid Practices in Photography
  • PR – Art of the Street
  • PR – Relief Printing Through Social Investigation
  • NG – Memory Under Construction
  • SC – Ecology of Materials and Processes: Mexico City

Sample courses in liberal arts areas include:

  • ARTH – Modern and Contemporary Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora
  • ENGL – Native American Novels and Films
  • HUMN – Witchcraft, Oracles, and Magic: Belief Systems of the Pre-modern World
  • HUMN – Origins of the Modern World: East/West Encounters
  • HUMN – Taoism and Solitude
  • CS – Feminism in the Twenty-First Century: Cultural Issues, Global Questions, and Aesthetic Responses
  • CS – Theories in Third Cinema
  • CS – History of Jazz
  • SOCS/US – Ethnographic Media: Theory and Practices
  • SOCS/US – Media and Cultural Geography