Ann Chamberlain, Untitled Installation, 2006. Courtesy of Gallery Paule Anglim.

social science

The social science elective focuses on the social foundations of human experience through multiple thematic approaches, disciplinary perspectives, and regional/area contexts. The social science curriculum includes diverse topics of interest from the disciplines of anthropology, sociology, psychology, and political science, along with ethnic studies and American studies. Faculty members at SFAI have expertise in a wide range of geographic areas, including the Americas, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and African Diaspora, and Asia. Every semester, the social science curriculum includes a 100-level (beginning to intermediate) and 200-level (intermediate) course option for students.

Sample social science electives includes:

  • Psychology, Perception, and Creativity
  • Critical Geographies: Bodies, Spaces, Power
  • Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Whose City? Urban Theory and Global Justice
  • Activism and Social Movements
  • Tourism in Question
  • Multicultural Europe
  • Consuming Cultures: The Geopolitics of Consumption
  • Extinction
  • Regenerative Design
  • City as Studio Practicum
  • Ethnographic Media: Theory and Practice
  • Media and Cultural Geography