residence hall amenities and services

In addition to the exciting locations and engaging social programs of SFAI’s residence halls, each hall offers an array of amenities and services. Although we view our residence halls as two parts of one thriving community, the buildings that house Abby and Sutter Hall are unique, which means that there are some slight differences between the two locations. These differences are noted in the descriptions that follow. 

Front Desk

Each of our residence halls offer the safety and convenience of a front desk. Throughout the academic year, the front desk is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and serves as a central hub of services and security for the residence halls. The desk is always available to assist with lockouts, maintenance issues, equipment checkouts, and general concerns and is the first resource that residents should access if they need assistance. Student front desk workers are hired at the beginning of each academic year. Students interested in this position should contact


Each room has a mailbox that is shared between the residents of that room. U.S. mail is distributed daily by the front desk. (Note: The front desk is closed during winter break. During that period, all mail is held until the halls reopen for the spring semester). Packages that are too large to fit in the mailboxes are logged at the front desk for residents to sign for.

Mail for SFAI Residents should be addressed as follows:

For Sutter Hall:
Student Name
717 Sutter Street, Room #
San Francisco, CA 94109

For Abby Hall:
Student Name
630 Geary Street, Room #
San Francisco, CA 94102

Community Kitchen and Dining Room

Aside from the café, which is located on the Chestnut Street campus, our residence halls do not offer a dining hall. Instead, residents cook together in the large community kitchen located on the bottom floor of their building. Each kitchen is equipped with a large stove, toasters, pots and pans, dishes, a sink, and plenty of counter space. Other kitchen appliances, including tea kettles and blenders, are available for checkout at the front desk. There is also a large dining room attached to each kitchen, where residents can sit together and enjoy their meal.

Refrigerators and Microwaves

Each room is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave. Residents store their perishables in their own personal refrigerator instead of in the community kitchen.

Recreation Room

Residents can relax and socialize in the recreation room located in each residence hall. Recreation rooms are equipped with a pool table and foosball table as well as a large screen television. This popular community space is also used for hall programs, events, and activities.


Coin-operated washers and dryers are conveniently located on the bottom floor of each residence hall. Wash cycles can be purchased for $2.00 and dryer cycles for $1.50, and residents can get quarters from the change machines located in the laundry room.

Internet Access and Community Computers

Both halls are equipped with wireless Internet throughout the building and in the rooms. There are also community computers in the buildings for residents to share.

Cable Television & DVD Players

Each student room is equipped with a color television and basic cable. Sutter Hall rooms are equipped with a DVD player, and Abby Hall residents can reserve a DVD player free of charge through the front desk.


Campus tutors conduct one-on-one and group sessions with students at both residence halls.

Counseling Services

A counselor from the SFAI Counseling Services Office offers weekly walk-in office hours at the halls. Students typically stop by to see the counselor in order to get advice, work through difficult situations, share concerns, and get more information about counseling at SFAI. In addition to individual counseling, the counselors also offer group counseling for students who wish to talk about their concerns in a community setting.