request a transcript


San Francisco Art Institute now works with the National Student Clearinghouse for official transcript orders. Transcripts may be ordered online.

Transcript requests will not be processed if the student has an outstanding obligation (i.e. Financial Hold, Library Hold, etc.) with SFAI. Students must clear any outstanding obligations with the appropriate offices.

Processing Time/Fees

  • Regular Processing: $5 per transcript; processed within 5 business days
  • Rush Processing: $5 per transcript, plus a rush fee of $10 per destination; processed next business day (rush processing does not include express/rush delivery; delivery options must be selected separately)

Please note:

  • In addition to the transcript fee, there is a $2.25 processing fee per destination.
  • Transcripts held for grades or degree postings will not be processed until after grades and/or degrees are posted (generally 4–6 weeks after the end of a semester).
  • For students who attended SFAI prior to the year 2000, additional processing time may be required.

Delivery Options

  • Electronic PDF: After processing, your transcript recipient will be emailed a link to a secure Internet page where they can retrieve your official transcript. Upon delivery of that email notification, your credit card will be charged. The National Student Clearinghouse will guarantee that your recipient is notified that your transcript is ready for retrieval at the email address you provided when you placed the order; however, we cannot be responsible for whether or not your recipient retrieves or accepts the transcript. Because this is a new technology service, we suggest you contact your recipient in advance and verify they are willing to accept your transcript via this delivery method
  • Express Mail: After processing, transcript will be sent to the recipient for receipt on the next possible business day
  • Hold for Pickup: After processing, transcript will be available for pickup at the Registrar's Office
  • Mail: After processing, transcript will be mailed to the recipient via regular First-class US mail

Contact the Registrar’s Office at 415.749.4535 or with questions.

Certificate of Graduation

A Certificate of Graduation verifies your degree and is sealed and signed by the Registrar's Office. To request a certificate at $5 per copy, download a Certificate of Graduation Request Form. Certificates take up to ten business days to process from the date of confirmed payment.

Enrollment Verification

An enrollment verification verifies that a student is enrolled in the term of which they request an enrollment verification. Enrollment verifications are typically used by students when students are applying for childcare and food stamp services and student loan deferments. Enrollment verifications take up to 24 hours to process. Please indicate a receiving fax or mailing address or if you would like to pick up the verification from our office on the Enrollment Verification Form.


Diplomas are available five to seven weeks after the spring term for students whose final term is the fall or spring semesters. For students whose final term is in the summer, diplomas are available five to seven weeks after the summer term. Diplomas bear the student's name as indicated on the student's Petition to Graduate Form.

A Replacement Diploma can be ordered for $65. To request a Replacement Diploma, download the Diploma Order Form. If you are a senior, planning to graduate, you need only to fill out the Petition to Graduate Form - not the Diploma Order Form. 

Diplomas are sealed and signed by the SFAI President, Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Chair of the Board of Trustees. 


An apostille is an international certificate honored by countries subscribed to the Hague Convention. The Registrar’s Office can help facilitate your apostille request at $45 per document. An apostille can be affixed to a certified copy of a transcript, certificate of graduation, or diploma. You may send your original diploma for our use, but you must order all other documents with us to ensure legal validity and pay additionally for the corresponding charge—$5 for transcripts and certificates of graduation, and $65 for a replacement diploma.

To obtain the apostille, our office takes copies of the academic documents to a notary, who certifies the copies. We then mail the certified copies to the California Secretary of State, who supplies the apostille. In our experience, it is best for each type of document to have its own apostille—for example, one apostille for a copy of a transcript, and one for a copy of a diploma. 

To request an apostille, please complete an Apostille Request Form and follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete the Apostille Request Form along with the request forms for other documents you need to order, such as a Transcript, a Certificate of Graduation, or a replacement diploma.
  2. Submit the request forms and a self-addressed, pre-paid parcel by mail or in-person at the office.
  3. If you are providing your original diploma for us to copy, provide a second parcel in which we can mail back your original diploma after we make a copy of it in our office. We validate the document with our records prior to taking the copy of the diploma to the notary. You may provide your own label to track your original diploma in the mail. Make sure you note the tracking number before sending the label to our office.
  4. The apostille process takes a minimum of 20 business days.

For more details, or if you want to submit the request yourself, visit the apostille section of the California Secretary of State’s website.