report an incident

SFAI will have jurisdiction over conduct of students and student organizations that occur on campus property (owned, leased or reserved, and virtual communities monitored by the Institute) or in conjunction with campus functions on or off campus. Although SFAI does not routinely invoke disciplinary proceedings for misconduct occurring off campus, SFAI has discretion to exercise jurisdiction over virtual and off-campus conduct that would violate campus policies and/or the code of conduct if the conduct occurred on campus and that is viewed as a threat to health and safety of Institute community members, property, functions, or facilities. Examples of such include but are not limited to harassment or assault of any kind; theft, robbery, and/or burglary; possession or use of weapons; manufacture, sale, or distribution of controlled substances; and behavior that has negatively impacted the surrounding neighboring communities. In determining whether or not to exercise jurisdiction over off-campus conduct, SFAI may consider the seriousness of the alleged conduct, the risk of harm involved, whether the victim(s) are members of the campus community, and/or whether the conduct is a series of actions that occurred on and off campus.

To file a complaint involving an SFAI student(s) or a student organization(s), please submit the following information:

1. Name of accused student(s) and/or student organization
2. Date of alleged incident
3. Time of alleged incident
4. Place of alleged incident
5. Detailed statement of what you observed/heard/experienced (the complaint)
6. Names and contact information for any witnesses
7. Any additional pertinent information

You can submit the complaint in one of the following ways:

  • Email the complaint to:
  • Submit the complaint in person to: Student Affairs Office
  • Mail the complaint to: Student Affairs Office, San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

To support the disciplinary process, we ask that reports and/or complaints be submitted in writing and submitted by a person or group of people. Anonymous complaints may not allow for the disciplinary process to move forward.