rental frequently asked questions

What spaces does SFAI offer?
SFAI offers both indoor and outdoor spaces on our historic Chestnut St. Campus. This includes our Quad, Café, Roof Terrace, Courtyard, and a variety of studios/meeting rooms.

What kinds of events does SFAI accommodate?
SFAI welcomes weddings, private parties, corporate functions, meetings, lectures, film screenings and more. We do not host political events or events for minors (such as proms). Promotional events and fundraisers are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. All art displays or performances must be preapproved by SFAI.

Which days are available for rentals?
Facility rentals are primarily available on weekends. Please call or email to check the availability of specific dates.

How early do I need to book my event?
Availability varies depending on season. We recommend booking at least 6 months in advance, especially for larger events. Please contact us for more information regarding our calendar.

How late can my event run?
Our campus is located in a residential area and in respect for our neighbors we require that all events end by 10pm. This means that music must stop by 9pm and the last load must be out by 10pm.

What kinds of permits do I need?
All permits are the responsibility of the renter. Tents larger than 20’x20’ require a permit as does any open flame or heating element. You can obtain these permits from SFFD Administration Office on Second & Townsend Streets in San Francisco.

What are my options in case of bad weather?
Even on sunny days, it can be chilly in San Francisco. All our outdoor spaces can be tented and heated with the appropriate permits. You might also consider renting an indoor space, such as the Café, which offers beautiful views without the worry of rain and wind.  

Does SFAI cater?
SFAI does not provide catering. We are happy, however, to provide you a list of our preferred vendors.

Does SFAI provide alcohol?
SFAI does not provide alcoholic beverages. All liquor must be served by a caterer or other licensed, insured provider.

Where can I park?
SFAI has two private parking lots that are available to rent. Street parking in the area is 2hr permit from 8am-9pm, Monday through Saturday.

Does SFAI provide overnight storage?
Only wedding packages come with overnight storage included. For all other rentals, storage can be arranged for an additional fee.

Will my guests and I have access to the galleries and the Diego Rivera Mural?
Our galleries are open to the public and we welcome visitors. We do not rent out our gallery space but you can arrange to have it open outside of the normal hours for special events.  

What is an event monitor? Why do I need one? 
Event monitors are required for all events at SFAI. The event monitor is a member of our facilities staff who will stay for the duration of the event and preform specific house management functions i.e. maintaining the restroom paper supplies and assuring security and rental regulations are enforced.

Are tables and chairs provided?
Only Café rentals come with tables and chairs included. We provide approximately 15 tables and 79 chairs.

Who is responsible for clean up?
The user is responsible for all clean up. All trash must be properly disposed of and decorations removed by the end of the event.

Will I have access to a kitchen?
Our café features a full kitchen that can be rented in addition to the dining area. The user will have the use of the sinks, prep table, counters, stove, and ovens. The user will not have access to the use of SFAI’s appliances including refrigeration, ice maker, dishwasher, cookware, cutlery etc. 


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Sarah Morrison at .