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Summer 2017 Course Schedule

Painting and the Domestic Narrative
June 8–August 3 no session July 20
6:30–9:30 pm
Thursday Felicita Norris Explore ideas surrounding the domestic, “home,” and family using psychology and emotion as impetuses to create and resolve a final mini-series of paintings around those themes. $350 Painting Register
The Structured Accident: Five-Day Painting Intensive
June 5–June 9
9 am–5 pm
Monday–Friday Allison Miller The Structured Accident is a five day, eight hour per-day painting intensive. This course provides students the opportunity to open up their practice, push to experiment, and approach making paintings in new ways using risk-taking and chance within a rigorous conceptual structure. $750 Painting Closed
Introduction to Digital Photography
June 6 - August 1 no session July 4
Tuesdays Tom Loughlin Get the most out of your digital camera in this introductory course focused on camera operations, basic editing skills in Adobe Photoshop, as well as cultivating your personal photographic voice. $350 Photography Closed
Mixed-Media Experimental Drawing
June 6 - August 15 no session July 4
Tuesday Carrie Hott Experiment with a variety of wet, dry, and collage media on paper through project prompts that expand your approach to drawing by using sound, ideas, narrative, and memory. $350 Drawing Closed
The Body in Motion
June 6 - July 18 no session July 4
Tuesdays Dana Morrison Delve into the significance of the human figure in performance art, and how to collaborate performance with other mediums, as you produce multiple performance pieces that are both live and documented. $275 New Genres Closed
Live From the Shark Cage: Conceptual Image-Making
June 6 - July 18 No class on July 4
Tuesdays Daniel Melo Bring a fresh perspective to process in image making through exercises and group explorations with the aim of also expanding the participant’s notion of what an image-work can do, does, and is doing. $275 Photography Closed
Video Essay
July 11 - August 15
Tuesdays Izidora Leber Using a piece of text as a starting point, you will conceptualize, film, and edit your own personal video essay. This class culminates in a public screening of your video essay on the historic SFAI campus. $275 Film Register
Introductory Drawing Workshop
July 11 - July 25
Tuesdays Sheila Ghidini Practice recording what you see in this three-session workshop focused on completing a series of exercises to hone your representational drawing skills. $135 Drawing Register
Creating Miniature Spaces
July 18 - August 15
Tuesdays Amy M. Ho Experiment working in miniature and create your own diorama or miniature space while learning the importance of scale. $230 New Genres Register
The Magic of Painting
June 7 - August 9
Wednesdays Ingrid V. Wells Master the tricks of trade in this technically focused painting course as you learn about glazing, lighting, edging, and more while completing three painting projects nothing short of magical. $480 Painting Register
Intuitive Drawing: Seeing, Thinking, Dreaming
June 7 - August 9
Wednesdays Alexis Amann Explore intuitive drawing as a daily practice, using drawing as a way to see, think, dream, and process. $480 Drawing Register
Introduction to Oil Painting on Canvas
June 7 - August 9
Wednesdays Alice Gould Learn how to prepare a canvas, create a palette, plan, and execute simple oil paintings through a series of approaches in this class for beginners. $480 Painting Register
From Concept to Presentation: Advanced Photography Critique
June 7 - August 2 + photographic field trip
Wednesdays Elisabeth Ajtay Develop individual photographic projects based on personal interests and conceptual concerns. Define your own aesthetic in an atmosphere of cooperative learning, divided between discussion and critique. $480 Photography Closed
Chance Drawing + Sculpture: Cracks + Dice
June 7 - June 28
Wednesdays Joanne Easton Through drawing and sculpture explore methods of chance, randomness, and indeterminacy as a means of discovery. $185 New Genres Register
Analog to Digital: Getting New Life Out of Your Old Photos
June 7 - June 28
6:30 - 10pm
Wednesdays Brian Dean Create new and exciting materials from your old photographs as you learn how to properly digitize and restore physical film, negatives, and photos. $215 Photography Closed
Figure Drawing
June 8 - August 10
Thursdays Daniel Samaniego Build or refine your figure drawing skills through an anatomical approach to life drawing. This ten-session drawing intensive foregrounds the explosive potential of observation, as well as the surprising power of graphite, conté, and charcoal. $480 Drawing Register
More, More, and More: Mold-Making & Slip-Casting in Ceramics
June 8 - August 10
Thursdays Cathy Lu Learn how to make plaster molds and cast them in clay in this course focused on the multiple and how to make more of your sculptural practice. $480 Sculpture Register
Altered Reality: Digital Collage Workshop
June 8 - June 22
Thursdays Elisabeth Ajtay Using your own imagery as a starting point, learn Adobe Photoshop tools as you create a unique digital collage and leave with a print of your work in this two-session workshop. $135 Photography Register
Meditation + Movement in Drawing
June 10 - August 12
1 - 4pm
Saturdays Sarah Ammons Drawing and yoga go hand-in-hand as you complete a series of exercises where time falls away and the mind is free to wander—leading to profound realizations and self-discovery. $480 Drawing Closed
Screenprinting: DIY Aesthetics
June 17 - August 12
12 - 3pm
Saturdays Kaitlin Trataris Learn how to adopt images, original drawings and phrases into prints as well as wearable and sculptural forms through screenprinting techniques with a focus on textile printing. $350 Printmaking Register
An Encyclopedia of Brushstrokes
July 8 - July 22
10am - 4pm
Saturdays Mel Prest Focus on the language of painting through brushstrokes as you complete in-class exercises designed to invigorate your practice. $275 Painting Register
Escape, with Landscape & Soundscape
July 15 - August 19
10am - 1pm
Saturdays Hugh Livingston Explore sound and music as elements for creating personal and shared space in the environment, through off-site field trips and team projects. You will be introduced to soundscape creation, using easily accessible tools, for personal devices and outdoor spaces. $275 Art & Technology Register
Personal Mythology in Painting
July 15 - August 5
10am - 1pm
Saturdays Soraya Sharghi Discover, shape, and express your personal mythology as you complete three projects in this themed painting course. $185 Painting Register