Public Education Courses

Fall 2016 Course Schedule

Voice and Vision
September 14–December 7 (no session September 21)
Wednesday Pamela Lanza Explore the relationship of the word to visual art, learn to incorporate text into your work, and discover the importance of visual poetics in the creative process. $530 Drawing Register
Graphic Design: Where to Start to Never Stop
September 10–December 10 (no session November 19 or 26)
Saturdays Learn to use digital image software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Flash to create practical and personal projects that broaden your perception of visual culture. $530 Art & Technology Closed
Introduction to Life Drawing
September 14–November 16 (no session October 5)
7:30–10:30 pm
Wednesdays Daniel Samaniego Gain a heightened understanding of the relationships between the body’s various parts and features through focused observation in order to further inform, investigate and grow individual studio practices. $400 Drawing Register
Drawing and Painting to Print
September 24–December 10
10 am–1 pm
Saturdays Irene Carvajal Explore traditional printmaking techniques as well as contemporary, experimental processes, including dry point, water based mono print, oil based mono print, digital print and collagraph. $530 Printmaking Closed
Intermediate and Advanced Painting
September 14–December 7 (no session September 21)
7:30–10:30 pm
Wednesdays Glenn Hirsch Explore the content of your work through the lens of irony, humor, narrative, and mood. Individual instruction, technical assignments, and the use of unusual materials will guide you through various styles to become more independent by painting in series. $530 Painting Register
Introduction to Drawing
September 15–December 8 (no session November 24)
Thursday Tana Quincy Focus on realism and short experimental exercises as you build a technical understanding of a variety of materials and techniques for making drawings from observation. $530 Drawing Add to Waitlist
September 27–November 15
Tuesday Amy M. Ho Responding to architecture, space, readings, and the works of a variety of contemporary artists, you will create site-specific installations in relationship to your surrounding environment. $350 New Genres Register
New Video Collective
October 15 + 16
Sat: 10am-5pm, Sun: 10am-8pm
Saturday + Sunday James Tantum Form an art video collective, while learning shooting, audio, and editing in this hands-on class, concluding with screening and follow-up video releases. $250 Film Closed
Books as Structure for Sculpture, Architecture + Site
September 29–November 17
Thursday Joanne Easton Explore various bookbinding techniques, tools and materials to create works that utilize the construction, archetype and identity of books to make sculptures, installations and site-specific works. $350 New Genres Closed
Iterative Processes in Abstract Drawing + Painting
October 1–November 5
Saturday Mel Prest Utilize repetitive, conceptual and binary thinking through a series of assignments and experiments to develop abstract drawings and paintings. $440 Painting Closed
Wet on Wet: Short Form Figurative Painting
September 15–December 8 (no session November 24)
Thursday Johnny Bicos Working from live models, start and finish a single painting each class to further develop technical prowess in time-sensitive, intuitive, improvisational, and playful ways. In this class, emphasis will be placed on complicating and expanding paint handling technique. $530 Painting Register
Painting and the Domestic Narrative
September 17–December 3
Saturday Felicita Norris Explore ideas surrounding the domestic, “home,” and family using psychology and emotion as impetuses to create and resolve a final mini-series of paintings around those themes. $530 Painting Register
Portraiture with Oils
September 13-November 29
Tuesday Robert Burden Complete a self-portrait, a hybridization project, and live model painting while gaining technical skills in oil painting within the context of portraiture. $530 Painting Register
Advanced Photography Critique Seminar
September 13–November 29
Tuesday Marcela Pardo Ariza Develop individual photographic projects based on personal interests and conceptual concerns. Define your own aesthetic in an atmosphere of cooperative learning, divided between discussion and critique. $530 Photography Register
The Ordinary, The Mundane, and the Banal in Photography
October 12–November 2
Wednesday Victoria Mara Heilweil What can we discover, or rediscover, in the everyday that is inspiring, poetic, and majestic? This class will examine contemporary strategies for elevating the ordinary and mundane using the photographic image. $180 Photography Register
Night Photography
October 13–November 17
Thursday Brian Dean Work with photography to reveal the mysterious world of the night. Explore techniques such as long exposures, external light sources, astral photography, light drawings, flash photography, and night portraiture. $275 Photography Register
Making Multiples: Mold-Making and Slip-Casting in Ceramics
September 27–November 1
Tuesday Marshall Elliott Make multiples out of ceramics and design your own prototypes for mass production as you learn basic mold-making techniques. $275 Ceramics Add to Waitlist
Material Memory: Creating a Record Through an Archive
September 14–November 30
Wednesday This course will lead students through the process of forming an archive of collected and created records about themselves, an artist, a place, or a fictionalized entity. $FREE New Genres Add to Waitlist