Public Education Courses

Summer 2016 Course Schedule

Art Practice Critique Seminar
June 7-August 9
Tuesdays Jamil Hellu Refine your aesthetic vision and visual literacy in this critique seminar open to all mediums of artistic practice. $460 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Drawing Fundamentals
Saturdays, June 11-August 13
Saturdays Sheila Ghidini Develop and strengthen the skills of “drawing what you see” in this fundamental course. $460 Drawing Register
Contemplative Drawing
June 9-August 11
Thursdays Sarah Ammons Sync your hands with your eyes and practice contemplative drawing in this course focused on working from life, pattern, figure, and concept. $460 Drawing Register
Drawing Without Lines: Five-Day Intensive
July 18-Friday, July 22
Monday–Friday Jaimie Healy This interdisciplinary drawing course uses processes of collage, mixed media, assemblage, sound, and pencil. $460 Drawing Register
Introduction to Oil Painting
June 7–July 12
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Annie Albagli A fundamental course focused on building confidence, skills, and personal artistic voice in oil painting. $275 Painting Register
Understanding And Exploring Color
June 11-July 2
Saturdays Mel Prest Hone your acrylic palette as you create projects that explore aspects of color including hue, value, intensity, tints, and shades. $370 Painting Register
New Figure Painting
June 11-August 13
10 am-1 pm
Saturdays Felicita Norris Using water-based paints, students will capture models in motion as inspiration for paintings that convey dynamic gestural movement. $460 Painting Register
Dimensional Painting: Texture + Form
June 9–August 11
Thursdays Tana Quincy Innovate new approaches to painting through mark-making and material research while examining painting as an object through form and texture. $460 Painting Register
Intermediate and Advanced Painting
June 22–August 10
Wednesdays Glenn Hirsch Explore the content of your work through visual and verbal analysis as well as individual instruction, technical assignments, a museum field trip, and the use of unusual materials $420 Painting Register
The Structured Accident: Five-Day Painting Intensive
June 6–11
Monday-Friday Allison Miller A workshop to open up your painting practice, push to experiment, and approach making paintings in new ways using risk-taking and chance. $750 Painting Register
Basic Editing Techniques
June 22-July 13
6:30–9:30 pm
Wednesday Christina Kolozsvary Learn to cut together basic sequences that illustrate the fundamentals of film editing in Premiere or Final Cut Pro using your own material or found footage. $185 Photography Register
Midnight Theatre: Live Multi-Camera Production Webcasts
July 26–August 11
Tuesdays and Thursdays Kenneth Thomas Learn to mix live sound, and navigate a multi-camera production in this interactive course that culminates in a live television broadcast. $275 Film Register
Photography As Contemporary Practice
June 7–August 9
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Cecilia Borgenstam Develop ideas into refined personal photographic concepts and produce a cohesive, creative body of work while exploring various genres throughout the history of photography. $460 Photography Register
Natural Light Workshop
July 7–August 11
Thursdays Marisa Aragona Experiment with the conditions that create varied qualities of natural light in photographs—and use natural light to reveal the complexities of both emotion and time. $275 Photography Register
Mastering The Fine Art Digital Print
June 7–August 16 No session July 19
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Chris Grunder Demystify the process of fine-art printing as you explore advanced software tools including Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop, and Xirite 1 to create the “perfect print.” $460 Photography Register
Introduction to Silkscreen Printmaking
June 11–August 13
Saturdays Savanna Snow Learn the basics of silkscreen printmaking as you create your own fine art prints, graphic posters, or promotional items. $485 Printmaking Register
Throwing Clay
June 11–August 13
Saturdays William Mantor Create glazed ceramic vessels, bowls, cups, and mugs utilizing the pottery wheel in this course focused on proper wheel-throwing technique. $485 Sculpture Register
Experimental Sculpture
June 8–August 10
6:30–9:30 pm
Wednesdays Marshall Elliott Create sculptures without set outcomes in this course designed for hands-on experimentation using casting, woodworking, wire forming, clay, cardboard, textiles, kinetics, and more. $460 Sculpture Register
Drawing Through Personal Identity
June 8-August 10
6:30–9:30 pm
Wednesdays Katherine Vetne Use drawing as a medium to explore and express your unique personal experiences and identities. $460 Drawing Register
Research + Survival in the Arts
July 7–August 11
Thursdays Kal Spelletich Build a skill-set to help you survive as an artist, exploring topics such as: carpentry, guerrilla gardening, robotics, fixing things, water purification, skinning a rabbit, survivalist contemporary art history, and more. $275 New Genres Register