Public Education Program


Map a one-mile walk by drawing; paint a life-size figure; revel in the art of lo-fi horror; blow up an object; build a prosthetic; discover an early photographic process; archive the city; or find your photographic voice. SFAI’s Public Education program offers areas of study that span the breadth of contemporary art, including traditional techniques in drawing, painting, photography, film, printmaking, and sculpture, as well as radical experiences, off-kilter journeys, collaborative public projects, and educational experiments.

Become part of SFAI’s diverse community of artists and scholars through noncredit evening and weekend classes. No matter your experience level, there's a unique class to suit your interests.

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Build Drawing and Painting Skills
Introduction to Oil Painting

June 3–August 12
6:30–9:30 pm 


Sarah Stolar Get acquainted with oil painting, and learn how to render reality in several short-session works.
Drawing as Daily Practice

June 3–August 5
6:30–9:30 pm 

 Alexis Amann Discover drawing as a way to record, experience, and invent the world around you.
Narrative Drawing

June 5–August 8
6:30–9:30 pm 

Sara Wanie Investigate art movements throughout history as you focus on your own narrative practices.
Further Adventures in Drawing and Painting

Intermediate and Advanced Painting

July 16–August 6
Wednesdays: 6:30–10 pm
Sundays: 11 am–4 pm 

Glenn Hirsch Advance technical facility, and overcome roadblocks that hinder the completion of paintings. 
Painting the Life-Size Figure

June 5–July 3
6:30–9:30 pm

Sara Sisun Study anatomy, proportion, and perspective—and learn the basics of oil painting—as you work toward a life-size figure painting.
The City as Archive

July 10–August 14
(no class March 17)
6:30–9:30 pm  

Robert Minervini Use your experiences navigating the city as vital resource material to create paintings of real and imagined spaces.  

Voice and Vision: An Image and Text Workshop

July 16–August 6
Wednesdays, 6:30–10 pm 
Sundays, 11 am–4 pm 

Pamela Lanza Explore relationships between creative writing and visual representation, and make work that blurs distinctions between both.
A Painting a Day

June 16–June 20
9 am–5 pm 

Katie Humphries Jump-start your creativity, practice spontaneity, and advance painting skills by completing a work a day.
Human Body Transformed

June 7–June 28
11 am–2 pm 

Dimitra Skandali Observe the human form and practice rendering it on paper—then delve deeper into observational study to create works that combine painting, assemblage, and installation. 
Consider the Abstract

June 7–August 16
10 am–1 pm 

 Brent Hallard Investigate historical and contemporary movements in abstract painting and consider their relationship to your own work. 
Image-Making Skills and Concepts
Technical Fundamentals of Digital Photography

June 5–July 10
6:30–9:30 pm

Rachel Fein-Smolinski Learn the fundamentals of digital photography and Photoshop.
Natural Light Workshop

July 9–August 13
6:30–9:30 pm 

Marisa Aragona Observe and communicate qualities of light in photographic images to create emotional impact.  
Mukohanga: Japanese Woodblock

July 12–August 9
10 am–1 pm

Tomoko Murakami Learn basic printmaking using the traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock process.
The Land, The Sea, and The Sky

June 7–June 28
10 am–3 pm

Annette Elverum Østby Gain screenprinting skills while using the land, sea, and sky as core visual and metaphoric resources.


Finding Your Own Photographic Voice

June 2–August 4
6:30–9:30 pm 

Jamil Hellu Discover your unique way of seeing photographically. 
New Directions in Photography
Figurative Photography

June 3–August 5
6:30–9:30 pm 

Maciej Makalowski Advance an understanding of figurative photography through portrait sessions, lighting demos, and Photoshop practice.
Pencil of Nature: Historic Photographic Processes

June 28–August 2
10 am–4 pm 

Christine Elfman Employ early photographic processes—camera obscura, pinhole, cyanotype, and more—in a contemporary context.
Dogme 95: Video-making as Social Intervention

June 5–August 7
6:30–9:30 pm 

Rob Fatal Use the principals of the Dogme 95 Manifesto as a guiding force to make videos that respond to present-day San Francisco.
Video Store  

June 4–June 25
6:30–9:30 pm 

 Mads Lynnerup Learn the basics of video-making and create a conceptual exhibition platform (a “video store”) for your works. 
Transgressive Transmissions: The Art of Lo-Fi and High Horror

June 3–July 22
6:30–9:30 pm 

Malic Amalya Create bracing high-horror, lo-fi videos while gaining technical filmmaking skills.
Constructing Objects
Adaptive Sculpture

July 10–August 14
6:30–9:30 pm 

Lisa Rybovich Crallé Let go of artistic control and explore chance as a creative strategy in sculptural and performance-based projects. 
Inflatable Form

July 12–August 16
1–4 pm 

Jesse Walton Create dynamic inflatable sculptures and discover the virtues of this temporary, transportable, and lightweight medium.
Make a Life in Art
A Conversational History of Photography

June 4­–July 9
6:30–9:30 pm

Kristen Perkins Learn about the history of photography while building a community of photography enthusiasts.
Advanced Portfolio Development

June 3–July 1
6:30–9:30 pm 

 Laura Boles Faw Gain the skills, support, and motivation to successfully represent your artwork and artistic philosophy.
Artist-Driven Experiences
A Map Made by Walking

June 7–July 5
1–4 pm 

Renée Rhodes & Sasha Petrenko Map your environment using various still and time-based media during a series of observational walks.
Pranks in the Arts

July 9–August 13
6:30–9:30 pm 

Kal Spelletich From Dada to Punk Rock, learn about transgressive art through lectures, studio work, artist talks, anecdotes, and more.
The Invisible Institute

June 4–August 6
6:30–9:30 pm 

Valentin Ruhry An institute for artists without full-time studios—learn how to think conceptually and take your practice outside of the white cube with alternative materials and time-based practices.