With resonance both in the art world and broader spheres such as music and social/political activism, printmaking integrates form and content in exciting ways.

SFAI’s program emphasizes both the “how” and the “why” of printmaking: students explore techniques within historical and cultural contexts, and are challenged to use processes creatively to translate conceptual ideas into print. The department also fosters a sense of community and collaboration befitting the “democratic” art form.

Outfitted with a facility that spans several floors, SFAI’s Printmaking Department features studio courses in traditional techniques of lithography, intaglio, screen printing, and relief, as well as the making of artists’ books. The curriculum also incorporates the latest digital technologies that are adding new layers to the medium’s rich history. Guided by faculty with diverse, interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary printmaking, students use these tools to develop an individual artistic language.

SFAI’s Printmaking Department has close relationships with many renowned, local fine art presses including Crown Point Press, Electric Works, and Teaberry Press, and classes are taught on-site at Urban Digital Color/Gallery 16 and Magnolia Editions. Other Bay Area resources include the prestigious Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts at the Legion of Honor, which houses 80,000 prints from the 15th century to the present.


The Printmaking Department offers complete facilities for plate and stone lithography, all intaglio approaches, monoprint/type, screen printing, and relief. Other facilities include an in-department digital studio for film development for use in all photo approaches; a fully equipped exposure unit area for photo processes; three other digital labs and two digital classrooms across the SFAI campus; dark room facilities available through the Photography department; an orbital plate maker and two Vandercook letter set presses; and a large, clean loft for paper preparation, critiques, and artists’ books classes.