Photography, Printmaking + Film

Image-Making Skills and Concepts

Learn the fundamentals of digital photography and Photoshop.
Observe and communicate qualities of light in photographic images to create emotional impact. 
Learn basic printmaking using the traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock process.
Gain screenprinting skills while using the land, sea, and sky as core visual and metaphoric resources.
Discover your unique way of seeing photographically. 

New Directions in Film and Photography 

Advance an understanding of figurative photography through portrait sessions, lighting demos, and Photoshop practice.
Employ early photographic processes—camera obscura, pinhole, cyanotype, and more—in a contemporary context.
Use the principals of the Dogme 95 Manifesto as a guiding force to make videos that respond to present-day San Francisco.
Learn the basics of video-making and create a conceptual exhibition platform (a “video store”) for your works. 
Create bracing high-horror, low-fi videos while gaining technical filmmaking skills.