Photography, Printmaking + Film

FALL 2014

Image-Making Skills and Concepts

Photography as Daily Practice » Nando Alvarez-Perez
Learn basic skills and hone your photographic eye through daily photography practice.

The Magic of Line and Texture in Intaglio Printmaking » Golbanou Moghaddas
Create textured and diverse prints through the practice of intaglio printmaking

Mastering the Fine Art Digital Print » Chris Grunder
Demystify the process of fine-art printing as you explore advanced software tools to create the “perfect print.”

New Directions in Film and Photography

Daily Explorers: An Introduction to Digital Video Art » Renée Rhodes
Embark on daily explorations to create observational video projects.

Digital Street Photography » Sanaz Mazinani
Document the city streets while learning about the history of the genre. 

Exploring Space » Victoria Mara Heilweil
Explore intimate, political, personal, and outdoor space through the lens of a camera.

History of Photographic Concepts and Photo Critique Seminar » Jamil Hellu
Develop an individual photographic project among a community of interested peers.