A Painting a Day

Katie Humphries
5 Sessions » June 16–June 20
9 am–5 pm | Studio 117 | $530

Open to all levels

In this five-day painting intensive, students will hone their technical and conceptual skills by completing a painting from start to finish during each class session. Working within a limited time frame, students will learn how to let their intuition guide their process, allowing spontaneity, experimentation, and risk-taking unlock new avenues of creativity. A strong technical foundation will be emphasized through daily demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises. One-on-one instruction will help students develop their ideas within an open-ended conceptual framework. Daily informal critiques will allow students to identify strengths and build upon them as their series of work progresses. At the end of the week, each student will have a diverse portfolio of paintings, as well as a wealth of ideas and techniques to draw from.

Possible Class Assignments:

  • Text and Image: Each student will be given a line of poetry or a song lyric as inspiration to create a painting. The painting must incorporate text in some way (though not necessarily the original text). 
  • Abstracted from Life: Students will choose a still life object as a starting point to create an abstract painting. Devices such as scale, cropping, chance, pattern, and flat versus three-dimensional form will be discussed. 
  • Portraits: Students will bring a photograph of a person with whom they are very familiar and make a blind contour drawing from the photograph. These drawings will serve as the basis for a portrait painting.

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Katie Humphries is an oil painter from Portland, Oregon. Her most recent paintings utilize mass-media images of women drawn from fashion magazines and the Internet to examine the power, vulnerability, and anxiety that can coexist in the over-determined female form. She has exhibited her work in Portland, San Francisco, and New York, and just returned from a three-month residency at Cow House Studios in Ireland. Humphries received her BA in painting, drawing, and printmaking from Portland State University, and her MFA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute. She has worked as an artist’s advisor on oil painting materials and techniques at Gamblin Artists Colors Company.  


Katie Humphries
Pink Glove, 2013
Oil on paper
14 x 9 inches
Courtesy of the artist