Mukohanga: Japanese Woodblock

Tomoko Murakami
4 Sessions » Saturdays, June 14–July 12
(no class July 5)

10 am–1 pm | Studios 1 + 2 | $185 (includes a $25 lab fee)

Open to all levels

This workshop introduces the traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock printing process. Participants learn to carve the woodblock using Japanese carving tools, apply colors to the woodblock with brushes using a “kento” registration system, and burnish using the handheld “baren.” Traditionally, separate woodblocks are carved and printed for each color. These methods are valued for their timeless, low-tech, and nontoxic simplicity. Students will cut their own woodblocks and create small, multicolor prints. This technique is ideal for in-home studios without a press. 

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Tomoko Murakami is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the medium of printmaking as a multidimensional art form bringing new possibilities to mixed-media art. She received her MFA in printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute and an MA in transformative arts from John F. Kennedy University. She is a recipient of the 1992 Kala Art Institute Fellowship, and the 2008 Susan Seddon Boulet Award. Her work has been exhibited at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles; Gallery on the Rim, San Francisco; Tomura Gallery, Tokyo; Richmond Art Center, California; and Sebastopol Center for the Arts, California. 


Tomoko Murakami
Yusaifu #12 (Butterfly), 2000
Woodblock print on painted silk
16 x 16 inches
Courtesy of the artist