At SFAI's 2011 MFA Graduate Exhibition, held at The Winery SF on Treasure Island, visitors look up at
Joseph Melamed's sculpture Phone Yeller.

MFA Review

MFA Review Process

During Review Week, each MFA student presents a body of work to a committee consisting of three faculty members drawn from various disciplines. There are two types of reviews: (1) the Intermediate Review and (2) the Final Review.

Intermediate Review

The Intermediate Review takes place at the end of the second semester of the MFA Program, near completion of 30 units. The review is an evaluation of whether or not the student is prepared to advance to MFA candidacy. It is an assessment of the development of the student’s ideas and methods throughout the first year of the program and a forum for critical feedback from the student’s committee.

Final Review

The Final Review takes place at the end of the fourth semester of the MFA Program, near completion of 60 units, or at the end of the semester in which the student petitions to graduate. The goal is for the student to present an accomplished body of work that exhibits a high standard of excellence. The review—which serves as the student’s thesis presentation and defense—is an assessment of the quality of work and a vote to award, or not, the Master of Fine Arts degree. The MFA Exhibition follows the Final Review and is also required in order to graduate from the program.