ma collaborative

In their second year, MA students complete, in addition to their theses, the MA Collaborative Project—an interdisciplinary project that coalesces the major concerns of the students in the program into a multifaceted public work. This may include an exhibition, publication, website, panel discussion, public event, or a combination of these elements.

2013: Everything Out There: Bay Area’s First Triennial Now

Over the academic year, a group of seven visual scholars from SFAI’s MA program, under the instruction of curator Betti-Sue Hertz, worked within art exhibition history in order to conceptualize the Museum of Exhibition History (MoX) and its inaugural exhibition: Everything Out There: Bay Area’s First Triennial Now.

Although the museum is, at this point, a purely theoretical project, MoX is conceived as a curatorial collaboration that positions art exhibitions as major devices of social and cultural value, with their own logic and structure external to the art objects they contain. Through remounting internationally notable exhibitions from 1960 to the present, MoX invites its audience to access, experience and reexamine significant displays from the past. 

Everything Out There: Bay Area’s First Triennial Now, held at SFAI's Diego Rivera Gallery in April 2013, is a re-mounting of the influential Bay Area Now exhibition, originally presented by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (then Center for the Arts) in June 1997 in San Francisco.

Watch a video about the exhibition, with artist interviews:

2013: Cultures of the Maker: San Francisco Art Institute and Creative Growth

The book project Cultures of the Maker: An Anthology of Subjectivities, Dis/abilities, and Desires was undertaken as a partnership between the MA program in History and Theory of Contemporary Art (HTCA) at SFAI and the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, California. Participating MA students worked with Faculty Director of MA Programs, Claire Daigle. Students engaged with the Center by developing relationships with resident artists and teachers, doing archive-based research, conducting interviews, and pursuing other relevant investigations. 

In addition to the book project, the group undertook two exhibitions. The first, Convergence: San Francisco Art Institute and Creative Growth, which took place at the Creative Growth Gallery, displayed artwork written about in 13 essays featured in the publication. 

The second, Almost Home: Community and Collaboration at Creative Growth, brought work from the artists at Creative Growth to the Diego Rivera Gallery at SFAI, further connecting the neighboring artistic communities. 

See pictures from the exhibitions.


2012: Mid-Market Art Project

The Mid-Market Art Project (MAPP) was a collaborative endeavor—comprising research, site-specific art installations commissioned for San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood, a project publication, and an exhibition, Storied Sites: Architecture, Politics & People—that investigated the role of the arts within the sociopolitical forces of “urban renewal” and its effect on the geographic area in which it operates.