Ann Chamberlain, Untitled Installation, 2006. Courtesy of Gallery Paule Anglim.

liberal arts requirements

SFAI’s liberal arts requirement offers students grounding in the humanities and the social and natural sciences. The sequence of courses emphasizing critical thinking, reading, and writing allows a student to arrive at a more complex understanding and experience of his or her practice in light of literature, history, philosophy, criticism, and art history.

Liberal Arts Requirements (units) 33
English Composition A* 3
English Composition B* 3
Humanities  6
Mathematics or Science 3
Social Science 3
Studies in Global Cultures 3
Critical Theory A + 3
Critical Theory B + 3
Elective 6

All BA students must complete the liberal arts requirements for their degree.

*Writing Placement Examination required upon matriculation.

+ Must be taken at SFAI.

Courses that fulfill the distribution requirements are indicated each semester in the course descriptions.