student health insurance

All students that are enrolled in 6 or more units are required to have health insurance. Additionally, some students may be eligible for coverage while being enrolled in less than 6 units, as detailed in the Student and Campus Handbook. This requirement can be satisfied by enrolling in the SFAI student Health Insurance plan, which is offered through Kaiser Permanente, or by showing proof of comparable, outside coverage. If you are already insured by a plan that covers routine, preventive, and emergency care, and that is comparable to the benefits provided by the SFAI student health insurance plan, you may elect to waive coverage. If you do not take action to waive coverage by the open enrollment deadline, you will be automatically enrolled in the SFAI student health insurance plan, the premiums for which will be billed to your student account. All waivers must be processed through the Kaiser Permanente Student Net website.

Kaiser Permanente Plan

The health insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage, with an emphasis on preventative care, ease of access to your physician, and overall wellness. To enroll, waive, or view plan rates, please visit, please visit

In order to waive coverage, you will need to provide information on your current health insurance plan, including plan provider and policy number. If you do not have current insurance coverage, you will not be eligible to waive the SFAI sponsored insurance plan. Waivers submitted in the fall are valid for one academic year and will need to be renewed each fall.

If students have not waived or enrolled in the insurance by the waiver deadline, they will be automatically enrolled in the plan and their student account will be charged. Students who enroll in the fall semester will be enrolled for the entire year.

Deadlines to waive or enroll:

Fall 2014: September 8, 2014

International Students

Students who are studying in the U.S. on an F-1 visa are required to enroll in the Kaiser Permanente health plan, unless they have health insurance coverage the provides for routine care while studying in the U.S. Students who are studying in the U.S. on a J-1 visa through IIE are eligible to waive the SFAI health plan.

Take Action

Taking action early will help to expedite the removal of charges from your student account in the event that you waive coverage, or the delivery of your health insurance card should you choose to enroll.

Enrolling and waiving is simple, and you can complete the process today by following the steps below:

1. Visit the Kaiser Permanente Student Net website.

2. Click the ‘enroll now’ or the ‘waive plan’ buttons at the bottom of the page, depending on what you wish to do.

3. Sign in with your name, student ID number, and birthdate (NOTE: You must use 7 digits when entering your student ID number. If necessary, add a zero to the front of the number to make it 7 digits)

4. Enter your profile information, and complete the enrollment or waiver.

Schedule an Appointment

All routine care must be completed at a Kaiser facility in order for it to be covered under the SFAI student health insurance plan. Kaiser will not reimburse care or prescriptions that are obtained from an outside provider. The only exception is emergency care in instances where you are not able to get to a Kaiser facility.

Kaiser has in-house specialists, pharmacies, labs, and general care providers, and scheduling an appointment is easy. Simply call the closest Kaiser facility, give your medical record number (which is printed on the front of your Kaiser card), and they will schedule an appointment for you with the appropriate doctor. You generally must obtain a referral from a primary care physician for any specialist visits, and the staff member that schedules your appointment can help you to navigate this process.

The main San Francisco Kaiser facility can be reached at 415-833-2200.