film and video resources

The Bay Area is home to a number of excellent arts organizations that support and screen the work of film and video artists. This list of resources highlights some of these, as well as other film and video art-related organizations, publications, and web-based resources.

Local Resources:

Pacific Film Archive:

The PFA was conceived as an American version of the Cinémathèque Française in Paris—a center committed not only to screening films under the best possible conditions, but also to encouraging the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of cinema. The PFA collection serves as an educational resource for the UC Berkeley community as well as for scholars, teachers, film critics, filmmakers, and programmers from around the world. PFA curators draw upon the collection for their film and video exhibitions program.

San Francisco Cinematheque:

Since its founding in 1961, the San Francisco Cinematheque has become one of the most respected showcases of experimental film and video in the world.

ATA (Artists’ Television Access):

A non-profit, all volunteer, artist-run, experimental media arts gallery, in operation since 1984. ATA hosts film and video screenings, exhibitions and performances by emerging and established artists, and a weekly cable access television program.

Oddball Cinema:

An eclectic private archive of stock footage, housed in a unique San Francisco warehouse space. Screenings of films from the collection take place every Friday and Saturday evening.

Online Resources:

Hell on Frisco Bay:

A great local film/art blog with links to other like-minded sites.

Video History Project:

Created in 1994, the Experimental Television Center’s Video History Project is an ongoing research initiative which documents video art and community television as it evolved in rural and urban New York State and spread across the U.S. The Project’s various initiatives include research, conferences, and the website (a valuable resource for media history with many links).

Journal of Moving Image Studies:

An online journal produced by the Center for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image. The journal examines moving images within the frameworks of both practical and theoretical cognitive science. It also explores related issues in art theory, philosophy, literary theory, and perceptual and cognitive psychology.


A large online educational resource for avant-garde material. Created in 1996 as a repository for experimental poetry, UbuWeb has expanded to include film, video, sound art and more.


A resource for experimental film and video artists and enthusiasts containing information about grants, workshops for media artists, venues that show experimental cinema, and a directory of film and video artists from across the U.S. and beyond.

Perpetual Art Machine:

A gathering place for video artists, curators, writers, theorists, educators, collectors, and enthusiasts, as well as an online gallery and database of video art.