faculty profile

Nikolas Wulff Bertulis
Visiting Faculty
Urban Studies

Nik Bertulis is visiting faculty in Urban Studies and Design and Technology. His work draws from performance research, novel ecosystems and social technology. He was raised free-range in the city of Seattle where he studied its streets, and myriad natural ecosystems. His work tends toward activating interactive, community spaces, i.e. yellow bike programs, urban farms, storm-water landscapes, street festivals and alter-mundista street protests.

Selected Exhibitions: 
  • Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Green City Gallery, Berkeley, CA
  • International Design Resource Showcase, Seattle, WA
  • Water Works, Oakland, CA
Selected Publications: 
  • “The Enduring Chinampas of Xochimilco,” Permaculture Activist, Winter 2005-6
  • BAS, Ecological Design, Colorado College