faculty profile

Liz Steketee
Visiting Faculty

It is through photography that I interpret and understand the world. I use my life as material for my work. By doing this, I am able to explore the conflicts that exist within the everyday and the richness that is found in the mundane. Through the use of montage, collage, and purposeful juxtaposition of images, it is my intention to present the “truth” of my life. I alter, chop, merge and recompose photographic elements. This process allows me to represent a moment, a memory or life’s reality as I see it. I disrupt linear structures and confuse elements of time to convey my notions of how life truly exists; a combination of independent moments that converge to leave us with a unique experience. I often use the panoramic construction to explore these ideas, playing upon its historical use as illustration of epic scenery. I am interested in the epic scenery of the everyday, the joy, the agony, and the irony of life’s experiences. It is my belief that memory and experience change from person to person, as well as changing through the passage of time. It is as though each of us is the author of our own lives, creating our own experience. My work addresses the veracity of memory and reality in an attempt to question what we accept as true.

I have a large solo show this summer at Grinnell College that showcases two of my projects, Reconstructed Memories (installations) and American Domestic, my ongoing “fictional documentary” of my experiences with domestic life.

Selected Exhibitions: 
  • Meeting Place Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College, Iowa, 2011 (solo show)
  • Found, Stephen Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2010
  • Reconstructed Memories, Installation, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA, 2010
  • Domestic, Espai Cultural Caja Madrid, Barcelona, Spain, 2010
  • Reconstructed Memories, Rayko Artist In Residence Show, San Francisco, CA, 2009 (solo show)
  • Past Is An Image We Form In The Present, SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA, 2008
  • Imaging Ourselves, International Museum Of Women, San Francisco, CA, 2007
  • Performing Motherhood, One Leaf Gallery, Pomona, CA, 2006
  • On The Edge, Center For Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, CO, 2006
  • MFA Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute. Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA, 2005 (John Collier Award Recipient)
Selected Publications: 
  • One Picture Book, Liz Steketee, Nazraeli Press, Fall 2011 release
  • Zone Zero, Web Gallery Award for Reconstructed Memories, 2010-present.
  • Featured Photographer, Conscientious (contemporary photography blog), Jörg Colberg, June 22, 2010.
  • The Fly Fish Journal, Volume #1, Summer 2009. Presentation gallery of montage work.
  • Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Arts, Vol 35, No.2 Fall/Winter 2008.
  • Doubletake Magazine, June 2007. 5-page spread on The Mother Project.
  • Castwork—Reflections On Fly fishing Guides Of The American West, Willow Creek Press, 2002

Print/Magazine Clients include Drake Magazine, Simms Fishing, Mullen Advertising,  Swobo, Amici Design, Blue Magazine, Black Rocket (SF Heat), Voodoo Bikes.

  • MFA, Photography, San Francisco Art Institute, 2005
  • Post-Bac, Painting, San Francisco Art Institute, 2002
  • BFA, Photography, The University of Michigan, 1992