faculty profile

Lisa Reinertson
Adjunct Faculty

Lisa Reinertson is known both for her life-sized figurative ceramic sculptures and her large-scale public works cast in bronze.

Coming from a family of activists, Reinertson displays an underlying humanism throughout her work, from her poetic ceramic figures with animals to her historic public commissions that express the ideals of peace and social justice. In her public sculptures of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez, Reinertson blends bas-relief into her three-dimensional sculptural forms creating a historic and powerfully moving narrative. Her work combines a realism rooted in figurative art traditions with a contemporary expression of social and psychological content.

Selected Exhibitions: 
  • Lisa Reinertson/Edge of Extinction, Pence Gallery, Davis, 2013
  • New Works, Crocker Art Museum, 2010
  • Fired at Davis: Figurative Ceramic Sculpture by Robert Arneson, Visiting Professors, and Students at the University of California at Davis, from the Paula and Ross Turk Collection, Cantor Arts Center, 2005
  • Cesar Chavez Memorial, Sacramento, CA, 2001 (public commission)
  • Martin Luther King Memorial, Riverside, California, 1999 (public commission)
  • Marin Luther King Jr., Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1989 (public commission)
Selected Publications: 
  • De Paoli, Joan, Lisa Reinertson, John Natsoulas Press, 2005
  • Clark, Garth and Suzanne Foley, A Fire for Ceramics: Contemporary art from the Daniel Jacobs and Derek Mason collection, Hand Workshop Art Center, 1998
  • MFA, University of California at Davis
  • BA, University of California at Davis