faculty profile

Alice Shaw
Visiting Faculty

Alice Shaw’s background and focus is photography based but she has recently been incorporating other media into her exhibitions. She is currently looking at the tradition of landscape photography and revisiting it with a contemporary eye.

Selected Exhibitions: 
  • Knowing the Rules-Then Breaking Them, di Rosa Preserve, Napa, CA, 2011
  • (Auto)biography, Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA, 2009
  • Self, Minshar for Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2009
Selected Publications: 
  • Artforum, Sept. 2009, pg. 299, by Glen Helfand
  • SF Chronicle Datebook, July 4, 2009, by Kenneth Baker
  • Artforum.com, Critic’s Pick-San Francisco, by Lauren O’Neill-Butler
  • MFA, San Francisco Art Institute