Faculty Directory

SFAI's faculty are accomplished artists and scholars working in a wide variety of fields. Click on a faculty member's last name to learn more about their practice.

Last Name First Namesort descending Department Email Contact
Ancalmo Mauricio Graduate Program mancalmo@sfai.edu
Riepenhoff Meghann Photography mriepenhoff@sfai.edu
Tromble Meredith Interdisciplinary Studies mtromble@sfai.edu     
Jeffra Miah Interdisciplinary Studies mjeffra@sfai.edu
Shiloh Michael Design and Technology mshiloh@sfai.edu
Kuchar Mike Film mkuchar@sfai.edu
Howard Mildred Interdisciplinary Studies mhoward@sfai.edu
Kibbey Muffy Photography mkibbey@sfai.edu
Swope Nat Printmaking nswope@sfai.edu
V. Natasha Film nv@sfai.edu
Lally Nick Mathematics nlally@sfai.edu
Archer Nicole History and Theory of Contemporary Art narcher@sfai.edu
Bertulis Nikolas Wulff Urban Studies nbertulis@sfai.edu
Kos Paul New Genres pkos@sfai.edu
Klein Paul Design and Technology paulklein@sfai.edu
Mullowney Paul Printmaking pmullowney@sfai.edu
Brooke Pegan Painting pbrooke@sfai.edu
Trumbull Raissa DeSmet Graduate Program rdtrumbull@sfai.edu
Kania Raymond Interdisciplinary Studies rkania@sfai.edu
Louie Reagan Photography rlouie@sfai.edu
Goldfarb Rebecca New Genres rgoldfarb@sfai.edu
Berger Richard Sculpture/Ceramics rberger@sfai.edu
Trumbull Robert Graduate Program rtrumbull@sfai.edu
Balliger Robin Urban Studies rballiger@sfai.edu
McCorkle Rocky Graduate Program rocky.mccorkle@sfai.edu
Neri Ruby Graduate Program and Sculpture rneri@sfai.edu
Aranke Sampada History and Theory of Contemporary Art saranke@sfai.edu
McFarland Sean Photography smcfarland@sfai.edu
Grace Sharon New Genres sgrace@sfai.edu
McDougal Shawn Interdisciplinary Studies smcdougal@sfai.edu
Turchin Silvia Film sturchin@sfai.edu
Kapil Behrens Soumyaa Film sbehrens@sfai.edu
Hammidi Tania Interdisciplinary Studies thammidi@sfai.edu
Talepasand Taravat Painting ttalepasand@sfai.edu
Powers Terry Painting tpowers@sfai.edu
Tagle Thea Quiray History and Theory of Contemporary Art ttagle@sfai.edu
Sempere Thom Photography tsempere@sfai.edu
Anderson Thor R. Urban Studies tanderson@sfai.edu
Sullivan Tim New Genres tsullivan@sfai.edu
Berry Timothy Printmaking tberry@sfai.edu
Marioni Tom Graduate Program tmarioni@sfai.edu
Labat Tony New Genres tlabat@sfai.edu
Hardy Varda Film vhardy@sfai.edu
Lynn Whitney New Genres wlynn@sfai.edu
Barakeh Zeina Interdisciplinary Studies zbarakeh@sfai.edu