Faculty Directory

SFAI's faculty are accomplished artists and scholars working in a wide variety of fields. Click on a faculty member's last name to learn more about their practice.

Last Namesort ascending First Name Department Email Contact
Yuen Eddie Urban Studies eyuen@sfai.edu
Worden Lee Interdisciplinary Studies lworden@sfai.edu
White Lindsey Photography lwhite@sfai.edu
Wessel Henry Photography hwessel@sfai.edu 
Warden Mary Interdisciplinary Studies mwarden@sfai.edu
Van Proyen Mark Painting mvanproyen@sfai.edu
V. Natasha Film nv@sfai.edu
Turchin Silvia Film sturchin@sfai.edu
Trumbull Robert Graduate Program rtrumbull@sfai.edu
Trumbull Raissa DeSmet Graduate Program rdtrumbull@sfai.edu
Tromble Meredith Interdisciplinary Studies mtromble@sfai.edu     
Thomas Larry Printmaking lthomas@sfai.edu
Terry Aaron Printmaking and New Genres aterry@sfai.edu
Talepasand Taravat Painting ttalepasand@sfai.edu
Tagle Thea Quiray History and Theory of Contemporary Art ttagle@sfai.edu
Swope Nat Printmaking nswope@sfai.edu
Sullivan Tim New Genres tsullivan@sfai.edu
Steketee Liz Photography lsteketee@sfai.edu
Sousa Marcelo History and Theory of Contemporary Art msousa@sfai.edu
Sollars Chris New Genres csollars@sfai.edu
Smith Joshua Photography jsmith@sfai.edu
Smigiel Frank Exhibition and Museum Studies fsmigiel@sfai.edu
Shows Leslie Painting lshows@sfai.edu
Shiloh Michael Design and Technology mshiloh@sfai.edu
Shaw Alice Photography ashaw@sfai.edu
Sempere Thom Photography tsempere@sfai.edu
Schnell Jovi Painting jschnell@sfai.edu
Ruddle Kate Sculpture/Ceramics kruddle@sfai.edu
Rottner Andrew Photography arottner@sfai.edu
Rosenstock Jeff Film jrosenstock@sfai.edu
Roloff John Sculpture/Ceramics jroloff@sfai.edu
Rissler Jennifer Interdisciplinary Studies jrissler@sfai.edu
Riepenhoff Meghann Photography mriepenhoff@sfai.edu
Reinertson Lisa Ceramics lreinertson@sfai.edu
Reid Laurie Graduate Program lreid@sfai.edu
Reichman Brett Painting breichman@sfai.edu
Priola J. John Photography jpriola@sfai.edu
Powers Terry Painting tpowers@sfai.edu
Powell Christopher Interdisciplinary Studies cpowell@sfai.edu
Piatt Gregory Printmaking gpiatt@sfai.edu
Patton Justin Design and Technology jpatton@sfai.edu
Palmer Chris Design and Technology and Science cpalmer@sfai.edu
Padilla Darcy Photography dpadilla@sfai.edu
Neri Ruby Graduate Program and Sculpture rneri@sfai.edu
Narita Hiro Film hnarita@sfai.edu
Nagler Christian Interdisciplinary Studies cnagler@sfai.edu
Mullowney Paul Printmaking pmullowney@sfai.edu
Morgan Jeremy Painting jmorgan@sfai.edu
Mitchell-Dayton Caitlin Painting cmitchell-dayton@sfai.edu
Miller Jill Interdisciplinary Studies jmiller@sfai.edu
McGaw Bruce Painting bmcgaw@sfai.edu
McFarland Sean Photography smcfarland@sfai.edu
McDougal Shawn Interdisciplinary Studies smcdougal@sfai.edu
McDonald Ian Sculpture/Ceramics imcdonald@sfai.edu
McCormack Frances Painting fmccormack@sfai.edu
McCorkle Rocky Graduate Program rocky.mccorkle@sfai.edu
McCarthy Alicia Painting amccarthy@sfai.edu
Martin Fred Painting fmartin@sfai.edu
Marioni Tom Graduate Program tmarioni@sfai.edu
Manahan Carol Interdisciplinary Studies cmanahan@sfai.edu
Lynnerup Mads New Genres mlynnerup@sfai.edu
Lynn Whitney New Genres wlynn@sfai.edu
Louie Reagan Photography rlouie@sfai.edu
Locke Jennifer New Genres jlocke@sfai.edu
Linden Christina History and Theory of Contemporary Art and Museum Studies clinden@sfai.edu
Lentine Genine Interdisciplinary Studies glentine@sfai.edu
Lally Nick Mathematics nlally@sfai.edu
Laitala Kerry Film klaitala@sfai.edu
Labat Tony New Genres tlabat@sfai.edu
Kuchar Mike Film mkuchar@sfai.edu
Kubick Chris Design and Technology ckubick@sfai.edu
Kos Paul New Genres pkos@sfai.edu
Kluge Gordon Printmaking gkluge@sfai.edu
Klein Paul Design and Technology paulklein@sfai.edu
Kibbey Muffy Photography mkibbey@sfai.edu
Keller Joshua Sculpture jkeller@sfai.edu
Kapil Behrens Soumyaa Film sbehrens@sfai.edu
Kania Raymond Interdisciplinary Studies rkania@sfai.edu
Jeffra Miah Interdisciplinary Studies mjeffra@sfai.edu
Jagel Jason Graduate Program jjagel@sfai.edu
Iannoli Ivan Photography iiannoli@sfai.edu
Howard Mildred Interdisciplinary Studies mhoward@sfai.edu
Hovenden Fiona History and Theory of Contemporary Art fhovenden@sfai.edu
Hoover Justin Graduate Program jhoover@sfai.edu
Hobson Charles Printmaking chobson@sfai.edu
Hertz Betti-Sue Interdisciplinary Studies bhertz@sfai.edu
Hershman Leeson Lynn Film lhershman@sfai.edu
Helfand Glen History and Theory of Contemporary Art ghelfand@sfai.edu
Hazelwood Art Printmaking ahazelwood@sfai.edu
Hardy Varda Film vhardy@sfai.edu
Hammidi Tania Interdisciplinary Studies thammidi@sfai.edu
Hall Doug New Genres dhall@sfai.edu
Greenhough Alexander History and Theory of Contemporary Art agreenhough@sfai.edu
Green Liz Demi Interdisciplinary Studies ldgreen@sfai.edu
Grannell Joshua New Genres jgrannell@sfai.edu
Grace Sharon New Genres sgrace@sfai.edu
Goldfarb Rebecca New Genres rgoldfarb@sfai.edu
Glasenapp Amy Interdisciplinary Studies aglasenapp@sfai.edu
Fulton Jack Photography jfulton@sfai.edu
Frock Christian Graduate Program cfrock@sfai.edu