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November 13, 2012

Experimental Film and Performance Art Courses at the San Francisco Art Institute Culminate in Two Major Public Performances

The San Francisco Art Institute is proud to announce two major undergraduate student performances—Locative Media: The Projected Edifice and Mondo Skitz-o!—on the evenings of November 29 and November 30, respectively.

Projected Edifice is the collaborative effort of British-born visual artist Ben Wood’s Design and Technology class and Steve Polta, Program Director at the San Francisco Cinematheque. Exploring the concept of locative media and site-specific projection, eleven SFAI students have created narrative video projections to transform the edifice of the Ninth Street Film Center. Wood and his class will use the building’s façade and frosted windows as the canvas for a site-specific installation that moves from the outside in, to the lobby and lecture hall space.

Mondo Skitz-o! is the culmination of a semester’s worth of work in the studios at SFAI. In a New Genres course taught by local filmmaker Joshua Grannell (best known as drag superstar and cult movie impresario Peaches Christ), thirteen SFAI students developed and brought to life new, fully realized characters. For one night only at The Hypnodrome Theatre, these characters will step out of the classroom and on to the stage.

"Working with the SFAI students has been a rewarding and inspiring experience,” said Grannell. “It's a bit like teaching in Frankenstein's Laboratory—as we've created, molded, and given birth to all these new 'people.' I'm looking forward to an outside audience experiencing the films and performances at Mondo Skitz-o! The show represents the thoughtfulness, fun, and unbridled creativity that my student put into these characters and their work."

Locative Media: The Projected Edifice
Presented by San Francisco Film Center and San Francisco Cinematheque

Date: Thursday, November 29, 7:30 pm
Location: Ninth Street Independent Film Center, 145 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA
Cost: $5 for Cinematheque members and $10 for non-members (Buy your ticket today!)

In collaboration with his Locative Media film class at the San Francisco Art Institute, video projection artist and SFAI faculty member Ben Wood—known locally for large-scale public displays on Coit Tower and within Mission Dolores—creates an architectural video installation at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center. Using the building’s screening room, façade and frosted front windows, Wood and his SFAI students will present a collaborative video and performance event that enlivens the architecture while evoking voices and stories from submerged and forgotten persons, histories and cultures. The group will transform the building’s edifice with projected narratives from both within and without.

This event is part of a series of projections Wood and his class are executing on buildings around San Francisco, including a staged installation at Lumen Alley during Polk Street Art Walk last month.

Purchase tickets today!

Mondo Skitz-o!
Date: Friday, November 30, 7 pm and 10 pm
Location: The Hypnodrome Theatre, 575 10th Street, San Francisco, CA
Cost: $6 (Buy your ticket today!)

The Hypnodrome Theatre, Peaches Christ, and the San Francisco Art Institute proudly present Mondo Skitz-o!—a schizophrenic multi-media variety show that promises to leave its audience downright delirious. This one-night-only event debuts for the public an entirely new cast of characters, splitting apart the human mind and unleashing a debutante ball of performance, music, and filmmaking. Peaches Christ serves as hostess for the evening and introduces this diverse, challenging, dark, and hilarious group of people. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness actual birth of new characters—live and in person!

Space is limited; purchase tickets in advance to the 7 pm or 10 pm show!