Visitors enjoy the 2011 MFA Graduate Exhibition at the Winery SF on Treasure Island.

Swell Gallery

Why Don't You Talk to Me (?)
Monday, February 13 - Friday, February 24, 2012
Swell Gallery
Hours: Mon. through Sat., 9:00am - 5:00pm
SFAI Graduate Center
2565 Third Street
San Francisco,

Participating Artists: Jon Gourley and Rebecca Levitan

Why Don’t You Talk to Me (?) is an exploration of the failed communication intrinsic to relationships.  Jon Gourley and Rebecca Levitan use humor to examine the incongruences that arise through the performance of their mundane social interactions. They investigate the disconnect between individuals and the ironic contradictions that occur between the thought and the spoken. Why Don’t You Talk to Me(?) is not a closed conversation: it asks the viewer to consider his/her status in interactions both with others and with the work. 


The Swell Gallery is a graduate student-run art space dedicated to the examination of the role of the gallery in an educational sphere. The mission of the Swell Gallery is to provide a venue for the exploration and discussion of varying artistic perspectives from the student body, operating as a platform for exhibition, events, and dialogue.


Jon Gourley, Pillow Talk