Visitors enjoy the 2011 MFA Graduate Exhibition at the Winery SF on Treasure Island.

Swell Gallery

Vaughan/Hunter: Grey[____]
Monday, February 27 - Friday, March 9, 2012
Swell Gallery
Hours: Mon. through Sat., 9:00am - 5:00pm
SFAI Graduate Center
2565 Third Street
San Francisco,

Featured Artists: Lee Hunter, Vanessa Vaughan

Vaughan/Hunter: Grey[____] is an immersive experience combining sculpture, video, and sound. This exhibition explores the places between dark and light, clarity and uncertainty, the fine lines between melancholy and humor, and the interstices of spatial organization and psychological response. Together these produce a multi-sensory experience deriving from the site itself and the relationships between unique works. Grey[___] challenges the autonomy of these works by focusing its power on the intervening spaces and interactions between objects and site. The intent is to capture and direct the affective greyness of the site towards the ambiguity of the objects themselves. In addition to the work created by each individual artist, Hunter and Vaughan have collaborated on new works specifically for this exhibition, combing their shared interests in aesthetics and dark humor.


The Swell Gallery is a graduate student-run art space dedicated to the examination of the role of the gallery in an educational sphere. The mission of the Swell Gallery is to provide a venue for the exploration and discussion of varying artistic perspectives from the student body, operating as a platform for exhibition, events, and dialogue.