The 2011 group exhibition Chromophilia: Parsing the Visual Spectrum in the student-run Swell Gallery at the
Third Street Graduate Center.

Swell Gallery

Sunday, November 17 - Friday, December 6, 2013
Opening Reception » Thursday, November 21, 7-9 pm
2565 Third Street
San Francisco,

Artists: Shay Arick, Samantha Croteau, Diana Galvis, Ouater Sand, Rui Zeng 

Curator: Ling Meng

They are the subjects and objects at the same time, being observed and the observers themselves at the same time. The artists are simultaneously director, photographer/cameraman, and actor, being present in the gallery space all the time no matter the audience are there or not. 

These works, all including self-image as a crucial element, are staging the physical presence of the artists as a way of narrative. They are artistic versions of selfies. Just like people nowadays keep posting selfies publicly on social networks who are enjoying the appeal of how easy to create and share self-images, this show will gather artists’ “selfies” in a public sphere and exhibit the strength of displaying the self.