The 2011 group exhibition Chromophilia: Parsing the Visual Spectrum in the student-run Swell Gallery at the
Third Street Graduate Center.

Swell Gallery

The Place is Haunted
Sunday, October 20, 2013 - 12:00pm - Saturday, November 2, 2013 - 12:00am
Swell Gallery
2565 3rd Street
San Francisco,

Two artists share sound, video and photography to illustrate their experience with hauntings. They also explore visions of memory through dark landscapes, material remnants, and ghostly portraits. 

Curated by Noemi Szyller 

Dara investigates memory and cultural residue by creating lucid and imagined narratives through photography, fiber, sound and installation. She addresses the haunted transmission of collective memory and then confronts the material remains. That which appears in the past is very much a contemporary presence. An engagement with what is unseen or what has been left behind can challenge our fixed notions of past and present. Caity has always been interested in phenomenology and is intrigued by the idea of "sight" as something not inherently physical or biological, but as the ability to interpret the world from within and outside of what society has established as normal. Her photography poses the question: what if dark, ghosted figures and colorful, haunted landscapes that can't usually be seen by the human eye are suddenly brought to light? Her two mannequin-head cameras, one with pinhole eyes and paper negatives and one with projector lenses and color film, act as contemporary visionaries. Caity and Dara have discovered a haunted, semi-abandoned landscape together and call it “The Place.” Imagine a desolate, salty, marshy field with residual buildings of a legendary ghost town. Pieces of home life, such as china and glass, are scattered and broken among dried grass and animal bones. Suddenly, the loud sound of a train passing through the area reminds visitors of how quiet and empty a forgotten landscape can be. "The Place" is both a physical reality and a haunted mindset, where the subtle presence of ghosts and remnants of the past are activated with the onset of visitors.