Visitors enjoy the 2011 MFA Graduate Exhibition at the Winery SF on Treasure Island.

Diego Rivera Gallery

Making History
Monday, April 23 - Saturday, April 28, 2012
Diego Rivera Gallery
San Francisco Art Institute
800 Chestnut Street
San Francisco,

Making History includes work from all first-year students enrolled in the course Contemporary Practice. For the second half of the spring semester, students chose from seven possible historical groups of artists: Bay Area Art and Politics; Fluxus; Funk; The Faces of Surrealism; The French New Wave; Group f-64; and the Steiner School. Students then researched artists from the different groups and created their own work inspired in some way by the original group. Work exhibited includes painting, collage, photography, sculpture, film, sound, performance and installation.

Opening Reception: Monday, April 23, 4-6:30 pm

There will be a screening of the French New Wave project in the Lecture Hall that day at 3 pm.

Exhibiting artists:

Bay Area Art and Politics (led by Aaron Terry):
Maxx Newman
Drew Grasso
Francisco Lopez
Jonathan Asega
Heng Wang
Sam Wolken
Mitch Young
Taylor Prendergast
Ashley Thomas
Lexi Quinn
David Martinez
Natalie Mussotto

Fluxus (led by Richard Berger with Daniel Jefferies):
Nino Galluzo
Cactus Liu
Margaret Polzine
Eiza Harrell
Maddie Hanson
Devon Calderon

Funk (the Funked Ups) (led by Amy Berk with Elizabeth Cunningham):
Tyler Cross
Rika Laser
Zoie Wilson
Bernadette Fowler
Shelby Grochowski
David Kindt
Robert Falco
Max Lewis
Johnny Bicos
Justine Rivas
Mikayla Mays
Joey Kuo
Jordan Hart
Tennyson Turner
Ellen Woodson

The Faces of Surrealism (led by Terri Cohn with Murat Adash):
Olivia Jackson
Diana Guerci
Christopher Rivas
Ryan Darley
Erin McCarthy
Briana Alden
Cameron Helm
Elly Russell
Danielle Hernandez
Ali Gilliams
Caitlin Squires
Nick Gillin

The French New Wave (led by JD Beltran with Sarah Vittetoe):
Lorena Ciccia
Samantha Jungheim 
Riho Kurematsu
Ooyi Lo
Gail Madueno
Ross McKinney
Casey McManis
Michael Ong
Colleen Reinaejel
Laurel Rogers
Laura Spencer
Aliya Wachsstock
Grace McGovern
Ryan Wicks
Brittany Wright

Group f-64 (led by Bijan Yashar with Tristan Cai):
Erin Johnson
Alexandra Baer
Nao Kimura
Hannah Brookhart
Erika Pitcher
Jason Sandoval
Opi Thanos
Sophia Germer
Armando Ciallela
Yidong Chen
Madison Voelkel
Raul Lira
Marino Sigurdsson
Peter Grochal

The Steiner School (led by Ian McDonald):
Mathew Diego De La Paz
Ashley King
Jason Rasmussen
Christina Tharp
Kayleigh Zeiler-Martin
Luna Ray Smith
Aditya Chakraborty
Samantha Tang
Belle Cook
Gabrielle Reed
Zane Prater
Gabrielle Gambino
Alexandra Delafkaran