The 2011 group exhibition Chromophilia: Parsing the Visual Spectrum in the student-run Swell Gallery at the
Third Street Graduate Center.

Swell Gallery

Imagining Cityscapes
Sunday, March 2 - Saturday, March 15, 2014
2565 Third Street (between 22nd and 23rd Streets)
San Francisco,

The urban environment is in a constant state of transformation and movement, containing masses of people seeking individual identities and struggling for significance. Following the development of technology and city infrastructure, people have become anonymous objects, livings closely but separately in an alienated state.

This body of work depicts society as a system of constant interaction and movement within public spaces. It is an investigation of the urban area as a juxtaposition of people, scale, and infrastructure, exploring the distance between us and the architecture, industry, and technology that comprise the city environment.

Participating Artists

Alex Molinari
Maya Smira
Monika Lukowska
Hadar Kleiman
Liz Smith