dual degree ma/mfa

The Dual Degree MA/MFA program offers graduate students the possibility of working as critical thinkers in two modes—as both artists and writers.

The curriculum enables emerging artists to develop and refine their creative work while simultaneously engaging in rigorous study and inquiry into the history and theory of contemporary art. The program recognizes that our contemporary moment requires artists who can respond to the world from a multiplicity of perspectives, and who are equipped to engage the political, theoretical, historical, socio-geographical, and creative spheres in equal measure.

A three-year commitment, the Dual Degree MA/MFA consists of:
(1) An MA in History and Theory of Contemporary Art
(2) An MFA in Studio Art

The theoretical underpinnings of the program are drawn from the philosophies of both the MA and MFA programs, which stress the articulation of ideas in both visual and written forms, and the necessity of challenging inherited modes of analysis and interpretation. This unique course of study allows students to synthesize the artistic and intellectual facets of their creative work, and cultivate a large portfolio of tools as cultural producers.

The culmination of the Dual Degree program is participation in the MFA Exhibition after the second year of studies, and the completion and public defense of a thesis dissertation, as well as the completion of the MA Collaborative Project, by the end of the third year. 

For admission to the program, candidates must meet the requirements of both degree programs, and students can expect to benefit from the extensive resources of each.