Drawing + Painting

FALL 2014

Build Drawing and Painting Skills

Beginning Drawing: Drawing a Blank » Lisa Crallé
Build a solid foundation in drawing as you explore a variety of media to render the figure, landscapes, and still life. 

Introduction to Life Drawing » Michelle Ramin
Heighten your understanding of the body through focused observation while growing your studio practice.

Portrait Painting with Oils » Robert Burden
Enhance technical skills in oil painting through an exploration of portraiture.

Mark-Making & Mixed Media » Sarah Stolar
Develop mark-making tools and expand your visual language in a variety of media.

Further Adventures in Drawing and Painting

Intermediate and Advanced Painting » Glenn Hirsch
Advance technical facility and overcome roadblocks that hinder the completion of paintings.

Finding Your Own Voice in a Sea of Abstraction » Kimberly Rowe
Strengthen abstract painting skills and define your own aesthetic. 

Painting as Mindful Practice » Michal Wisniowski
Paint mindfully and meditate creatively.

Expanded Painting » Danielle Lawrence
Transform the medium of painting into an interdisciplinary practice.

Drawing Olympiad » Carmen Lang
Train your hand and eye like an Olympian as you translate drawings into sculptures.