Drawing + Painting

Build Drawing and Painting Skills

Get acquainted with oil painting, and learn how to render reality in several short-session works. 
Discover drawing as a way to record, experience, and invent the world around you.
Investigate art movements throughout history as you focus on your own narrative practices.

Further Adventures in Drawing and Painting

Advance technical facility, and overcome roadblocks that hinder the completion of paintings. 
Study anatomy, proportion, and perspective—and learn the basics of oil painting—as you work toward a life-size figure painting.
Use your experiences navigating the city as vital resource material to create paintings of real and imagined spaces. 
Explore relationships between creative writing and visual representation, and make work that blurs distinctions between both.
Jump-start your creativity, practice spontaneity, and advance painting skills by completing a work a day.
Observe the human form and practice rendering it on paper—then delve deeper into observational study to create works that combine painting, assemblage, and installation. 
Investigate historical and contemporary movements in abstract painting and consider their relationship to your own work.