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Diversity Scholarship

San Francisco Art Institute established the Diversity Scholarship for first generation African Americans and Latinos to encourage students to focus on the importance of diversity in higher education as preparation for life in a global society. 

The total yearly amount of the Scholarship is $10,000 for one academic year—$5,000 awarded in the Fall semester and $5,000 awarded in the Spring semester. The award is open to both undergraduate and graduate students and is applied towards tuition only. The maximum eligibility time frame for undergraduate students is four years; for graduate students, it is the published program length. Undergraduate students must maintain a 2.5 grade point average, and graduate students must receive all passing grades. Scholarship winners are announced in April.  

The deadline to apply for the Diversity Scholarship is April 15, 2014.

Diversity Scholars

Students who are selected for and accept this award are considered Diversity Scholars. Diversity Scholars are encouraged to engage in the SFAI community in ways that continue to nurture and maintain the vibrancy of diversity. Forming a special community of students dedicated to nourishing diversity, Diversity Scholars participate in occasional gatherings to discuss information about the Diversity Scholarship and cultural hot topics and special events hosted by the Office of Student Affairs.