digital technology resources

SFAI offers ample digital technology resources for academic use, ensuring that students have access to the equipment required for the successful realization of their work.

Technology facilities at SFAI include over 100 high-performance computer stations configured to meet the digital needs of any medium, be it sound, photography, film, video, design, 3D modeling and animation, web, programming, or print. These stations boast suites of cutting-edge, industry-standard software including products by Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Autodesk, DigiDesign, and others. SFAI provides students with access to a wide array of input/output peripherals to facilitate individual media workflows and cross-medium projects. Large format inkjet printers; dubbing, capture, and transfer stations for film and video; digital still and video cameras; and scanners are among the devices at SFAI that enable students to move back and forth between analog and digital media.

Manuals and Guides

Media Resources Guide
Photography Manual
Film Checkout Handbook