davis projects for peace

Davis Projects for Peace is a summer grant program available to undergraduate students that asks applicants to design their own grassroots projects for peace, to be completed anywhere in the world. The definition of a project for peace is left intentionally vague so that students will develop their own ideas about what this kind of project might entail. Previous grantees have completed diverse projects, from providing solar cookers and solar education to people in rural communities of Tibet to organizing an urban garden project in Chicago. Through a competition on over 90 campuses, selected projects will be funded for $10,000 each.

Davis Projects for Peace is funded by Kathryn W. Davis, a lifelong internationalist and philanthropist who is now over 104 years old. Mrs. Davis feels some urgency to spark initiatives for building prospects for peace in the world and so has committed $1 million to fund these $10,000 projects for peace. She believes that today’s youth—tomorrow’s leaders—ought to be challenged to formulate and test their own ideas.

Lauren Visceglia, SFAI’s 2010 Davis Projects for Peace recipient

Lauren partnered with the Art of Yoga to design and implement a six-week course in yoga and creative arts to teenage girls in the juvenile justice system. Lauren taught creative arts and yoga to a group of 24 girls and witnessed their change over the summer: Everyday, I feel the power of art and yoga to build relationships and to create social change. This summer, I witnessed these girls forge healthier relationships to their bodies and to each other. The pride and joy that accompanied their artistic creations and mind-body discoveries can be translated to everyday life lessons. To read more about Lauren and other grant recipients, visit the project database.

Application Process

Applications are typically due in early February to the Career Resources Center, though due dates will change annually. All applicants participate in a campus screening committee, and the committee will nominate one application and one alternate to be sent on to the foundation for consideration. Compared to many grant applications, applications are relatively basic, consisting of a two-page project summary and a one-page budget. This is a wonderful grant for first-time grant seekers as a way to learn the basics of writing proposals and funding requests. 
Visit the Davis Projects for Peace website for complete information and a list of past grant recipients.