curatorial and exhibition opportunities

It is important not only to witness, but also to organize and participate in, the exhibition of contemporary art.

To that end, SFAI provides students the opportunity to show and curate work in locations across both campuses:

  • The Diego Rivera Gallery at Chestnut Street (home to SFAI’s renowned Diego Rivera mural) is curated and directed by students, showcasing different student work every week in solo or group exhibitions.
  • The Prentice and Paul Sack Stillights Gallery at Chestnut Street highlights work by current Photography students.
  • The Swell Gallery at the graduate facility, run by students, gives MA, MFA, and Low-Residency MFA students the chance to build skills in the professional presentation of their work.

Additional installation and exhibition spaces throughout the Chestnut Street campus, such as the central courtyard and a mural wall, allow ample opportunities to try out ideas and get feedback.

MFA Exhibition

The capstone to the MFA program is the annual MFA Exhibition, renowned for its intellectual rigor and diverse, cutting-edge creative output.