credit transfer

AICAD Mobility Program Transfer Credit

SFAI’s academic policy states undergraduate students may receive a maximum of 60 units from outside institutions toward an SFAI degree.  Once you reach this cap, it is not possible to transfer in additional credit.  Students are also limited to a maximum of 12 transfer units within the major.  Transfer credits are recorded on your SFAI transcript as pass/fail and are not included in your GPA.

Students must provide SFAI with required academic transcript documents for academic credit review upon successful course completion. Official transcripts/grade reports must include:

  • Course titles with a subject description and course syllabi
  • The amount of credit units for each course, number of instruction hours
  • Credits allocated and translated to SFAI system of 3 credit-unit courses
  • Letter grades for each courses, or if letter grades not given,  the word “passed”

Course units earned at the Host Institution must be successfully transferred to SFAI within 90 days of completion of enrollment at the Host Institution.

Schedule an appointment with Peter Blackman, the Undergraduate Academic Advisor, at: