The Constructed Photograph

Monday–Thursday, June 18–July 13

1:30–4:30 pm 

Requirements: Students must provide their own digital SLR camera. Additional photography equipment is available on loan.

The artist's studio operates as a home base, a laboratory, and even a stage to launch new ideas and inquiries about the intricacies of the everyday world. We will examine what it means for the artist to work in a directorial mode, whether with people, objects, or materials, paying close attention to the evolution of the constructed photograph from the conceptual 1970s and into the contemporary realm. This genre makes use of a vast range of techniques including lighting, staging, styling, directing, crafting, scripting, and more. Constructed images in this course can include a wide array of mediums and materials from celluloid film, found or constructed objects, paintings, drawings, prints, to sculpture and installation.