Experimental Drawing: Beyond Traditional Tools

Francis Calimlim
6 Sessions »Tuesdays, October 3–November 7

7:30–10:30 pm | Studio 14 | $275

Previous drawing experience recommended.

Materials List

This course will focus heavily on challenging what drawing is perceived to be and the forms it can become. Through experimenting, combining, and using alternative tools and techniques, you will focus on an interdisciplinary approach to the production, process, and critique of drawing practices and work. With the word “process” being the key word, the student will engage with non-traditional approaches to drawing, to focus not on the finished product, but allow themselves to collaborate with the process itself as a way of making. Students will be challenged to engage with a broader set of mixed media processes including collage, digital processes, and sculptural dialogues to pursue conceptually driven ideas and series in order to produce works.

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Francis Calimlim’s work explores feelings of displacement bred from experiences of traveling from one home to another—between the United States and the Philippines. The physical and mental shock of feeling like an outsider in both homes is partnered with anxiety, intrusion, and curiosity. This duality has led Francis into alleys of interrogating the hyphen between Filipino-American, negotiating with its history that only further reveals the blurriness and complexity of identity.