Contemplative Drawing

Sarah Ammons
6 Sessions »Saturdays, September 16–October 21

1–4 pm | Studio 14 | $275

No prerequisite.

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This course works to sync the hand and the eye, as well as expand the artist’s concept of reality and how we understand it through the language of line-work. We will examine the history of drawing from the prehistoric to the postmodern, while students complete drawing exercises that allow their bodies to be translators between the physical world and the represented world. Practicing contemplative drawing, we will attempt to leave the hypercritical brain behind, while also enhancing our perception of the world and our place in it. Drawing is a meditative art; through a series of traditional and not so traditional drawing exercises, such as blind contour drawing, figurative and structural in-motion drawing, and pattern drawing, students will strengthen and reflect on physical and conceptual drawing skills and inclinations. Classes will begin with a presentation of drawings, as well as a discussion of their history and a reflection on the reading of each artists’ lines. Following discussion we will move on to exercises, keeping what we have seen in mind. The last two classes will culminate with a self-guided project.

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Sarah Ammons studied drawing and painting at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and also completed coursework in art history and philosophy. After receiving her BFA with honors from Queen’s, she completed her MFA at SFAI. Ammons was the recipient of a Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award and scholarship, in addition to merit-based graduate grants from SFAI. Upon graduation, she was awarded the Graduate Fellowship Award at the Headlands Center for the Arts. As she currently enjoys this year-long residency, Ammons continues to explore themes of psychoanalysis, love/loss, and the struggle of relationships in her work through various techniques in contemplative drawing and painting.

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